The Cloud Is Great – But a Hybrid Storage Solution Could Be Better

Running out of storage or having your media get corrupted may be your worst nightmare when working with digital media, whether you are a photographer, videographer, musician or gamer. At best it puts you behind several hours to your last saved copy, and at its worst it could mean a lost client. Storage is cheap, […]

How 3D Printing Is Bringing New Advancements to Sports

Additive manufacturing — more commonly known as 3D printing — has become more and more mainstream in the last few years, thanks to companies like MakerBot developing printers that are within the price range of the average consumer. 3D printing has been around for a long time in the industrial world, where it allows for […]

Apple iPad Pro – Most Wanted Business Tech

The Apple iPad Pro just landed on our want list. Well, actually it was released on September 9th, but we’ve only just began to understand its capabilities. It is true that $800 for a ‘pad’ of any sort sounds a little excessive. However, with excessive power comes the possibility for new and better apps. But […]

Doppler Labs Bionic Earbuds – Tune the World Around You

The phrase, Wearable Tech, is thrown around a lot these days – but Doppler Labs is hard at work developing a new catch phrase, “Hearable Tech”. Imagine a set of earbuds and an app designed to tune the world around you exactly how you like. You could adjust the sound at a rock concert using […]

Cool Tech You Should Know

You claim that you own the latest iPhone, wearable tech and can practically Tinder with both hands tied behind your back. However, unless you’re also savvy to these 14 awesome tech bites – you are missing out on what we consider some of the best “life tools” available today. Take a deep breath, as your existence […]

6 Automotive Innovations for the Future of Driving

We may not be flying around like the Jetsons, but that’s no reason to discount the dramatic technological advancements of the past 50 years. As technology continues to improve at an exponential rate, so do innovations in automobiles. From Google’s self-driving car to the Internet rumors of an Apple Car, where exactly is auto technology […]

When Technology Collides – Tesla Hooks Up With Apple

Tesla and Apple have climbed into bed, and the result is a very useful app for the Tesla Model S and Apple Watch owner. The app can be used to help you locate your car in a busy garage, lock and unlock the doors, switch on the headlights, and control the various temperature zones in the […]

Valentine Guy Gift Guide To #TreatYoself

The poles are in for this coming Valentine’s Day, and the verdict is that most men think the holiday is cheesy, overdone, and over emphasized. And to add fuel to these thoughts, according to most surveys, women have an entirely different outlook on what makes a great gift for her. This means that whatever you […]

Driverless Cars Won’t Steal Your Seat, But They Could Take Your Steering Wheel

The idea of driverless cars has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t been until recently that things have begun to get really serious. Just last year Audi was approved to run its driverless A7 named “Jack” on the public roads in Nevada and California. And just a few days ago, the Ford […]

Cool Car Gadgets for Guys

Most guys like gadgets, and most also like cars… and when you meld the two together you get the kind of love affair that may leave you penniless. However, if you do it right–it will be well worth the wringing of your wallet. Here are seven car gadgets and accessories for guys who like cars […]