The Truth About Seduction, Dating, and The Pickup Artist

Jennifer is the wingwoman that every man wished he could have in his corner. It is unfortunate that there is so much bad information out there about how to seduce, date, and pickup women. The truth is, becoming success at dating may have a lot to do with your ‘technique’. However, most women already know about […]

Short Selling is Predictable Gambling – Interview With Timothy Sykes

“Short selling penny stock is predictable gambling,” explains Timothy Sykes, self-made millionaire, star of MOJO’s reality show, Wall Street Warriors, and author of An American Hedge Fund. “That is how I made my millions.” What is Short Selling? Penny stocks are traded at under five dollars per share. Short selling involves selling these inexpensive stocks […]

7 Dating Habits to Ditch Today

Jennifer Donnelly has been helping men find success with women for over 17 years. However, success is often more than just finding a certain technique that works; it is also avoiding the ones that don’t. We asked Jennifer to pinpoints a few of the worst dating habits that are costing men a lot on the […]

Playmate Tiffany Toth Reveals All

Southern California has produced some of the most beautiful and exciting things in the world, including Venice Beach sunsets, San Gabriel Mountain peaks, and Tiffany Toth. Having graced the inside pages of Playboy for several years, Tiffany finally made her way onto the front cover as Miss September 2011. Since then she has been modeling […]

Guide to Reading Supplement Labels – Interview With Josh Hingst

Josh Hingst and Kimberly Mueller are the Authors of the book The Athlete’s Guide to Sports Supplements (Human Kinetics 2013). We consider this book to be the bible of understanding supplements, including how they work, performance benefits, and the health concerns attributed to them. Hingst is not only a nutrition specialist, but also the head […]

5 Minutes With Take Me Out Girl, Olivia Measures

The UK television show, Take Me Out, has been connecting single men and women since its premier in 2010. The way it works is a single bachelor is confronted with 30 available women. It is then his task to impress one of these women, so that she will agree to a first date with him. If […]

Sex And Adult Dating Websites – Interview with Dating Expert, Erica Black

Erica Black is a relationship expert who understands that dating success is a combination of social skills, confidence, and a vibrant personality, even when you are dealing with the somewhat shallow nature of an adult dating website. Despite what the advertisements promise, websites like are not just all about sex and satiation, as somewhere […]

Interview With the Sexy and Fiesty Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa has graced over 100 magazine covers. She has been a “Juggy Girl” on The Man Show, is considered by some to be the sexiest woman in the world, and she was also a semi-finalist on Dancing with the Stars. To a lesser degree, she is a poker champion and made a very brief cameo appearance […]

5 Minutes With Take Me Out Girl, Monica Alcorano

The UK television show, Take Me Out, hosted by comedian, Paddy McGuinness, has been connecting single men and women since its season premier in 2010. It is based on the Australian dating show know as, Taken Out. The way it works is a single bachelor is confronted with the possibility of “taking out” one of […]

5 Minutes With Professional Skater, Louie Lopez

It’s not the equipment that makes a true champion. It’s the spirit, desire, motivation, and pure will power to make your chosen sport an extension to your body. In the case of professional skater, Louie Lopez, his board is the extension to his legs, and you will rarely find him detached (unless he really has […]