5 Minutes With Champion Surfer, Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco (a.k.a. Tia or Ti-Ti) is about to explode over the surfing scene at just 16 years of age. She is currently leading the women’s 18U division, and is undefeated for the 2013 season. She is a natural beauty both on and off the water, and has surfed in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica (she […]

What is Jonathan Kite of 2 Broke Girls Thankful for?

Jonathan Kite is a one man party, boasting over 70 original impressions and dialects. Spending an evening with Kite’s standup comedy is like getting in a bar brawl with Vince Vaughn, chest wax with Seth Rogen, and eating a Big Mac with Robert Downey Jr. As successful as Kite’s standup is, where you may recognize […]

5-Minutes with Roberta Mancino- Cover Girl to the Extreme

When people refer to Roberta Mancino as a ‘cover’ girl, what they are really saying,  is that you have to learn to take cover if you plan on hanging out with her, as you never know what she’ll have in store for any given day. Mancino has willingly leaped into the blue sky with nothing […]

Fakebook – Interview with the Ballsy Author, Dave Cicirelli

Dave Cicirelli was bored with his  Facebook  presence. He wanted to runaway from his life, and impress his successful friends with an amazing adventure that included quitting his job and heading West. He would then engage in forbidden love, toilet paper an Amish horse and buggy, join (and get kidnapped by) a cult, and cry during his first […]

Guess the Guess Girl? Interview with Julia Lescova

“I am very shy. I don’t like to talk about myself,” Julia Lescova tells us in a very polite and polished English/Latvian accent. As I began speaking with Julia on this early Friday afternoon, I felt right at ease. It was as if I had met her before. Then it hit me. In many ways, […]

Celebrity Mindset Coach, Sam Chauhan, Tells Us Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Sam Chauhan is responsible for the success of hundreds of athletes, poker players, and Fortune 500 professionals. So when he told us three things that he thought we ought to know; we listened–and you should probably too. Materialism Doesn’t Create Happiness Happiness comes from within your inner core. You can’t control all of the things […]

Adam LoDolce Explains What Women Want

Adam LoDolce is the creator of a free film for men, called “Go Talk To Her” at http://www.GoTalkToher.com. He also coaches women, which means that when it comes to some of the more common gripes they have with us guys, he has a front row seat. We asked Adam to share some of his knowledge about […]

Dr. Tom Potisk Explains Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Dr. Tom Potisk (a.k.a. the “Down-to-Earth” Doctor) is a holistic family practitioner, and author of Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. We asked the good doc what he thought was the three most important bits of advice he’d give to men about their health and fitness. Maintain your Physical Body […]

Fitness Expert, Jonathan Ross, Shares Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Jonathan Ross is an award-winning fitness professional, and author of several fitness books, including Abs Revealed: a modern, intelligent approach to abdominal training. We asked Jonathan what were his three golden rules of being a success in life, and this is what he had to say: Success is Living up to Your Potential Not everyone […]

Sean “The Pen” Garrett Divulges Three Things Every Man Should Know

Sean “The Pen” Garrett is a chart-topping hip-hop artist, song writer, and record producer– whom you may not know by name. This is because he has remained behind the scenes for much of his career, writing hit music for the likes of Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Usher. He’s currently on his way to making […]