Krystle Lina’s Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Krystle Lina tells us guys what we need to know, as far as approaching and impressing a woman for the first time? Just be yourself; that’s the main one. There’s no point in trying to be something that you’re not. If a woman really likes you, she will like you for who you are. Don’t […]

Krystle Lina Talks Success, Dating, and Men

From the pages of to, Krystle Lina has become one of the most beautiful and well-spoken professionals in the business of modeling and photography. With that introduction on our minds, we couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say on the topics of success, sexuality, inspiration, dating, and what it would take […]

Babe Tribute – Krystle Lina

Krystle Lina is much more than two very large… and talented brain hemispheres, and a really interesting way of spelling her first name. She is a combination model, photographer, actress, and celebrity host. She is a master of the improv, and also an alumni of The Second City comedy school in Hollywood. Let’s see, what […]