Morning Link Dump – Endangered Gentlemen

No matter how far you get in life, everyone still deserves your respect. This is why a gentleman should always apologize to a woman when he’s wrong, as she will respect a man who can own up to his mistakes, more than the ones dodge them.

Man IQ Test

A real man should not be required to calculate arithmetic, name all 50 states, or recite the alphabet to proclaim his value to the world. In fact, I think that a man’s IQ should reflect his common sense and overall chance to survive without a smartphone, Google, and multi-language instruction manual. 1.) If you’re at […]

What Makes You A Man?

What legacy should a man want to leave behind for others to remember him by? Is a man supposed to aspire to be a gentleman or is it more important for him to be successful? Is is more honorable to be seen as a man who is lonely and proud, or loved and vulnerable? Can a […]

How to be a Man and Buy Your Own Underwear

It’s that time again. That time when mom’s, wives, and girlfriends (and guys that want girlfriends) buy undergarments to keep him (or themselves) clean, dignified, presentable, and comfortable. There are only two distinct groups of men who will will be buying their own underwear this summer. The guys who want girlfriends, and the ones who […]

How to Get Rid of a One Night Stand Like a Man

If you play the dating game long enough, chances are you’ll either find yourself with blurred vision, poor taste, or a moment of poor judgment. You drink too much, bring a date home, and low and behold the morning comes around, and you find yourself with a new pet that won’t go away. If you’re […]

How to Be a Man – And Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most influential factors in a man’s life from birth to death. Everything from his romantic relationships to the position at his job is affected by the amount of eye contact he engages in. This influence can make a man appear more attractive, likeable, smart, dominant, recognized, and improve his […]

Using Social Media To Fight Back Against Corporate Bully’s

This past Sunday I stopped to use my ATM at Citibank in South Beach, and left my car in the parking lot while I walked two blocks to grab a coffee. By the time I returned, my car was jacked up and on its way out because the ambiguously worded parking sign read that customers […]

5 Lessons Every Guy Can Learn by Looking at a Photo of Himself at 21

[All photos have been embellished to protect the innocent and possibly goofy looking] On Facebook, a friend tagged a photo of us together on the night after our college graduation. It’s been over ten years. Not a significant amount of time but not exactly “just yesterday.” The photo served as a lesson. The lesson wasn’t […]

10 Must Read Books For Men

When a man takes the time to read a book, it is because he expects to get something out of it, whether it’s entertainment, knowledge, or a new skill. Our staff has done most of the reading for you, and we have weeded out the ‘must read’s’ from the ‘maybe’s’, and these are the 10 […]

How to Be a Man – MMA Fighting Techniques

In the next couple minutes you will learn the basics of the jab, kick, throw, takedown, and more…