How to Be a Man – And Fit into Your Suit

A man in a shabby suit is basically just a shabby man, and that goes no matter what you bring to the business table. A custom designer suit is the choice fit for a man. However, sometimes you may be a little short on dollars, or have a great suit hanging in your closet that […]

How to Be a Man — And Make Corned Beef and Cabbage

Jack Frost is getting ready to jack up your warm Summer evenings, but there isn’t a blizzard that a big bowl of comfort food can’t cure. We’re talking about the classic, Corned beef and cabbage. Martha Stewart doesn’t know the first thing about making this like a man–so, we’re here to fill in the gaps. […]

Get Your Drink On

Man’s insatiable thirst has led him on a quest, perhaps since the dawn of time, in pursuit of that one substance that will fulfill all his expectations. You see, a well made drink is not about quenching just your thirst, but casting your mojo on a long journey. One that will begin with mystery and […]

How to Be a Man – Delta Force Style

“Be all that you can be…” adopted by the US Army’s recruiting division, best describes their philosophy and pride in training. Take this phrase and multiply it by infinity and you will still have no idea as to the extent of the philosophies of their Special Operations Unit called Delta Force. Organized in 1977, the […]

How to Be a Man – And Fix Your Lady a Drink

One of the pitfalls of being a man trying to impress a lady, is that she most likely assumes that you should already know everything she needs. This is part of the Prince Charming hex, which has been cast over every man’s head. The result is that we are expected to be charming, handsome, polite, […]

Survivors – Overcoming a Hostage Crisis

The 92’-95’ war in Bosnia was complex and convoluted to say the least. I was a reporter following up on a story idea with a religious angle, and was asked to join a peace keeping military patrol that took us deep into bandit country. The cold rain had started driving hard at the windshield of […]

What Women Want in a Man

How many of you guys have dated an amazing woman, only to mess up, and have absolutely no idea what went wrong? Did you know that there are game rules for getting laid, and if you play them right, you actually can have your cake, and eat it every night without a single complaint. It […]

Survivors – Shot Six Times At Point Blank Range

I am the survivor of an intense two year stalking and harassment situation that culminated with attempted murder. I was living in New York City at the time (2006). The perpetrator was a woman who had been evicted from a property I managed. She tried suing my business partners and myself, claiming a number of […]

Celebrity Mindset Coach, Sam Chauhan, Tells Us Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Sam Chauhan is responsible for the success of hundreds of athletes, poker players, and Fortune 500 professionals. So when he told us three things that he thought we ought to know; we listened–and you should probably too. Materialism Doesn’t Create Happiness Happiness comes from within your inner core. You can’t control all of the things […]

How to Be a Man – Tips for Everyday Survival

If you asked a survivor what makes them different from anyone else; most would tell you they were just lucky, or driven to see their family. The truth is, not everybody can cope under pressure. Ninety-five percent of the people who die during an emergency, do so because they failed to take action. There are […]