Top 4 Traits Women Look for in a Man

Macho Man

Women love a man who exudes a distinctly masculine energy. It shows in your appearance and even your intellect, and for ultra-masculine types, it’s a part of a man’s very essence. But what kinds of things can you do to highlight your masculinity and appeal to women more?

1. The Look

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You can do a variety of things to make yourself appear more masculine. Trimming your hair close and clean, growing out your facial hair, and wearing tailored clothing that shows off a fit physique all add to a masculine appearance.

A beard can enhance your appearance in many ways. Some light stubble can give you an edgy bad-boy look, a bit longer can be suave, while a full-on beard can give you that rugged, mountain man look. Women like beards for a multitude of reasons; they make a man look more serious and perhaps even more traveled and worldly. Some women simply like the feeling of a beard brushing their face when they kiss a man. Overall, beards make a man look strong and confident. Coupled with a nice suit, or even casual work wear, a beard can go a long way to giving you a more masculine appearance.

2. Strong Character

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Women aren’t only looking for a manly appearance; you’ve got to have the character to back it up too. Honesty is one of the top traits that women look for in their dream man. Women that perceive deception in a man won’t stick around for long. While many men have difficulty expressing themselves, women value a man who can articulate the truths he holds dear. Another character trait women look for is reliability. This goes hand in hand with honesty, but being reliable is more about your actions and less about your words. This might mean being on time for dates, keeping appointments, or knowing how to work on cars or change a tire. If you aren’t too handy, there’s no better time to learn than now.  Read all that you can until you become comfortable with the subject so that she can rely on your expertise when something goes wrong.

3. In Touch With Your Feelings


While most men don’t like to focus on touchy-feely subjects, it’s no secret that women want a man who is in touch with his feelings. No amount of facial hair or handy facts can substitute for a real man who is willing to confront his emotions and articulate them in an authentic manner. If you are attuned to your own feelings you’ll probably have a better understanding of your partner’s feelings as well, fulfilling the need to feel understood by loved ones. Demonstrating that you are not only capable and reliable, but also caring and aware of your own and others’ feelings can go a long way in being multifaceted and complex man.

4. Proven Direction

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Strong men take direct action in accomplishing their goals. There is little more attractive to a woman than a man who is actively working to accomplish his ambitions. Show her the depth of your inner drive by taking steps to achieve a goal you’re passionate about, whether it’s professional or simply a personal hobby, such as wood carving, building up your motorcycle, or writing a novel.

This is a posy by Alex Clark-McGlenn, who is currently taking his MFA in creative writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. He has been published in eFiction Magazine, Inkwell at Evergreen, Slightly West Literary Magazine, and appeared in Smokebox Literary Magazine July, 2014. He currently lives in Bellingham, Washington.

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