Urbasm Salutes America – And the Bikini Bombshell

This week, as we celebrate our independence from Great Britain, the women in the gallery below are also celebrating their independence from the tyranny of restrictive clothing. So no matter how you choose to salute America tomorrow, make sure you save at least a little patronage for the all-American bikini bombshell.     Also see: Happy […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Why do we love Saint Patrick’s Day? Oh, let us count the ways: One, we think the color green looks absolutely stunning on the majority of women (photo above as proof). Two, Saint Patrick was actually an English chap who became an Irish Saint, so no matter where your ties are culturally, you know you’re always […]

Cool Car Gadgets for Guys

Most guys like gadgets, and most also like cars… and when you meld the two together you get the kind of love affair that may leave you penniless. However, if you do it right–it will be well worth the wringing of your wallet. Here are seven car gadgets and accessories for guys who like cars […]

Holiday Gift GUYde

When it comes to the holidays, it can be hard to figure out what to get guys. Is it truly possible to go beyond the sweater and find something more personal, without it being too sappy? Urbasm searched far and wide for the best gifts for guys in 2014. Bison Socks United by Blue has […]

Holiday Gift Guide – What Your Tech Gifts Say About You

It is the holiday season, and your gift says more about you than you realize. Is your style of gift giving like a hipster, techy, wanna-be, used-to-be, or just really don’t ‘care to be’? Let’s find out:   Apple iPhone 6 Plus – “I may (or may not) be hip, flirty, and confident… but at […]

East Dane Holiday Gift Guide for Guys – 10 Ways to Dress and Impress

Guys are some of the most simple creatures to buy for. While we may not seem to be, if you listen to what we say throughout the year, you will receive plenty of hints on the types of gadgets and fashion accessories that are on our most wanted list. However, in case you haven’t been […]

Urbasm Gift Guide – What Us Guys Want for the Holidays

This holiday season Urbasm opens its doors to our women friends, inviting you to take advantage of the five tips of what us guys really want for the holidays   Tip 1: Surprise! Most Guys Don’t Exactly Appreciate a Surprise. According to research at Stanford, the scientists have discovered what most practical guys have known […]

The Best of National Nude Day 2014

National Nude Day has come and gone. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue celebrating. It is quite easy actually—just remove every article of clothing that is currently restricting you at this very moment, and go out and find a girl who will do the very same thing. This holiday was officially started by nudists […]

Happy Independence Day

While some say that ‘The Heff’ was likely around during the glorious day that our great country gained its independence. The truth is, nobody probably noticed him all that much back then either, as he was likely surrounded by a bunch of scantily clad women. Today, as we celebrate our independence from Great Britain, the […]

Ode To Father’s Day

There are a number of stories for how Fathers Day came about, but the one we like involves a woman named Mrs. John B. Dodd. She was the daughter of a Civil War Veteran who took care of his six children after his wife died while in labor with their sixth child. She wanted to […]