A Message of Peace For the Holiday


This holiday season we are being given the chance to bring peace to the world, but as recent events would suggest – our efforts may be falling on deaf ears. If only we could find some kind of common language, perhaps our tribe mentality could be broken down.

Perhaps this final act was meant to clinch a lifetime’s argument that nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could,” sings Zameer Rizvi in a familiar tone and renewed understanding of the vulnerability of mankind.

And this was the first release behind the #PeaceProject by singer/songwriter, Zameer Rizvi.

Urbasm: Zameer, can you tell us what your Peace Project is all about?

Zameer Rizvi: With recent acts of violence around the world I’ve decided to use my voice to bridge the cultural barrier between the Eastern and Western worlds. I’ve lived half of my life in the Middle East and South Asia, and half in Canada and America. I will use the universal language of music to bring two different worlds together. Please join me by sharing the #PeaceProject.

Urbasm: We’re already on board. What inspired you to take on this project for the holiday?

Zameer Rizvi: The holiday season is a time for self-reflection and to share love with friends and family. I hope we all spread love and peace to all of humanity this holiday season, in addition to our loved ones.

And then Zameer released a second song, “Meray Log”, by the Pakistani band, Noori. If you open your senses to all the sights and sounds in this video, you will experience the two dialects of (spoken) Hindi and (written) English intertwine within a common understanding of peace and equality.

Urbasm: Meray Log was the second release of four. With only two more songs to go, including one from GNR, tell us what we should be thinking as we listen to the words that many of us already know so well?

Zameer Rizvi: Think to look deeper than you normally would. Send love to an enemy. Empathize with something you don’t understand. Learn something you’re not interested in. Give strength to something weaker than you. Go beyond your comfort zone to make someone feel at ease. Share your love and positivity.

Urbasm: How do you plan to keep carrying on this message beyond the holiday?

Zameer Rizvi: For me, the sentiment of peace comes from within. Peace is in everything I do from talking, singing, working and loving. I will continue to spread the message of Peace through my new album, and new single releasing next month called “Take”.

And today is the third release for Zameer’s project and he has prepared something from a band that he’s felt a special connection to throughout his childhood.

Look at your young men fighting, look at your women crying, look at your young men dying the way they’ve always done before,” sings Zameer as he gently strums his guitar, inviting us to sing along.

Urbasm: What are the three things that every man should take from your message to bring peace into his own life?

Zameer Rizvi: One, change brings opportunity. Two, discomfort brings strength and three, darkness brings light.

Urbasm: Thank you, Zameer. We’ve heard that you are going to be near our home office for a concert at The Laughing Goat in Boulder, Colorado. Do you have anything else coming up in the New Year that you can share with us?

Zameer Rizvi: Yes, I’m working to release my second studio album this year called Her. I have several tour dates coming up next month in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and Canada. Please visit everything #zameermusic for tour dates and my latest release.

Urbasm: Will do, and we look forward to the release of your final song.

Zameer Rizvi: Thanks very much for speaking with me about the #PeaceProject.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.