Beautiful Women Floating Around an Underwater Shipwreck in Bali

Imagine diving over 80 feet deep into the cold clear waters of Bali, armed with nothing more than a priceless gown by designer, Ali Charisma; your experience and the air in your lungs. That is what a handful of women did for Montreal photographer, Benjamin Von Wong. These photos were all taken off the coast […]

4 Sneakers To Help You Stand Out This Spring

Our fashion belief is not to stand out like a tattoo on your nose, or blend in too much like a blue polo shirt on a golf course. But you know something? That is one of the great things about a pair of sneakers. They can come with a statement as bold as you dare […]

Hydrophobic Shirts By Threadsmiths

According to most women, the plain white t-shirt is about the sexiest thing a man could wear outside of his body. Not counting a baby or puppy, which might get you slightly better results, although at a much greater cost (especially if you have no need for either). The problem is, one of the things […]

Miki Eleta’s Timeburner – Premier of the Internal Combustion Watch

The antique combustion engine is as much a marvel as any other form of technology that man has found a way to fit into a timepiece on his wrist. And Miki Eleta has taken the basic functionality of that very engine and found a way to make it possible to keep elegant (albeit, not so […]

Why Bassforms are the Definition of Luxury and Class

When Sean Combs or Jamie Fox are in the market for a speaker enclosure, they don’t run down to Best Buy to see what they have available. They call up Bassforms and explain to them exactly what they need, and then leave the design execution to the experts. And once upon a time, you needed […]

Get the Style Women Love

What do women really want to see you in? Well, we did the research for you, and have come up with a few simple tips to make sure your first date wardrobe is always woman approved. After all, who would you most want to impress on a first date—your friends or a sexy lady? We […]

Limited Edition ATX HeadBlade Shaver – Because Your Head Deserves it

When was the last time you brought your head some flowers, treated it to some Barry White, and maybe a nice massage. Your head does a lot of great things for you, and what do you give it in return? May we suggest a limited edition John Van Hamersveld ATX Headblade. A couple weeks ago […]

Allett is a Superb Minimalist Wallet that Gives You a Cute Butt

We at Urbasm could care less about your butt, but tending to its cuteness could certainly offer you some bonus points with the ladies. And perhaps more importantly is the sleek patented design of the Allett, which is so thin—they claim it is the “World’s Thinnest Wallet,” and we can’t really argue with that. But […]

6 White T-Shirts Every Man Should Own

A man’s white t-shirt is his wingman at a club, his perspiration assistant in a business meeting and his go to fashion statement for just about any laid back event. Scientists have even done their research and found that a plain t-shirt makes just about any guy more attractive to women. Owning a killer white T is […]

Self Edge – Where The Lost Art of Denim Manufacturing is Rediscovered

Self Edge is a brand of men’s clothes that believes a man’s denim should be as charismatic as his walk, watch, and hand shake. They do everything the vintage way, with the authentic machines of the ’30s and ’40s, which in the case of denim means it involves a bit more passion, patience and tenacity… […]