A Man’s Legacy Should Be Left Behind in a Grand Voyageur Notebook

We’ve talked about a man’s legacy in the past. And one of a man’s greatest gifts to others is, of course, his ideas. However, this got us wondering – if we wanted to collect our most cherished ideas, where would we want to leave them? On a school notebook with a new age Chevrolet Camaro […]

Ana Kasparian on Being a Young Turk, Closet Go-Go Dancer and Relationship Adviser

She is the host of the TYT Network show The Point and the co-host of the popular online news show The Young Turks (TYT). She is also a popular writer for the website, The Raw Story and a woman who claims that if all the above weren’t currently driving her… she’d probably be a go-go […]

22 Hottest Sports Cars Of All Time

The key to defining a true sports car is realizing that everyone has their own set of parameters and guidelines. You must remember that horsepower does not always inherently equal sports car and a muscular appearance does not always designate the car for the purposes of ‘straight-line’ racing only. A sports car should be fun to […]

American Crew Expert – How to Get the Perfect Shave, Everytime

Is there such a thing as a perfect shave? Yes, there is, and we have experienced it with a little help from our good friends at American Crew. What is it exactly? We’ll explain that in a minute. Do you need a professional to achieve such results? No, you don’t, but you may benefit from the […]

American Crew – A Modern Touch to Your Old Fashioned Shaving Ritual

We have asked the experts many times – and they have answered: The best shave for a man most always involves pre-shave oil, a good shave cream and a sharp single or double-edge razor—end of story. But what if that wasn’t the entire end to the story. I mean, in a modern world, there are […]

Top Gear’s Rutledge Wood Talks Cars, Road Trips and Being a Man

Rutledge Wood is the kind of television personality that you just instantly like. He is genuine, funny, car-obsessed and is the one person you’d want to have as your wingman at an auto show. This guy is a host of the History Channel’s Top Gear (US) and Lost in Transmission. He is an NBC correspondent at NASCAR, […]

A Stronger Take on Color from Moranic Pants

Let’s start with the basics – these are not pajama pants. No. Moranic Pants are based out of Kenya and were relevant long before Calvin Klein partnered with wholesale stores to sell long johns. Entrepreneur Irfan Dean has worked with his team of local artisans in Kenya to help produce the pants and open them […]

Store Beer to Frothy Craft Beer Made Possible by Fizzics

There is not much you can do to improve a poorly brewed beer. However, a decent store brew that has been flattened out by sitting on a shelf in a bottle for too long… now that is something the ‘Fizzics’ Group can do a lot to improve. Fizzics is a little gadget that promised to […]

Dorothy Wang On How To Be a #Fabuluxe Man

When it comes to living the best life possible, we are always open for some good tips. However, today we are getting our advice from the woman who invented the #fabuluxe lifestyle. Dorothy Wang is an international television personality and entrepreneur known for her role on E! Entertainment’s hit series, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. […]

2016 Scion iM Review – We’d Buy One for $20,000

We had the opportunity to test drive the all new Scion iM and iA in Malibu last week (iA review coming soon). However, rather than make you sort through the details to get to the big picture, we thought we’d leave you with the short version right off the bat. Would we purchase a Scion […]