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How to Drive a Manual (Stick Shift) Transmission

It is surprising how few urban guys really know how to drive a stick shift… even the ones who drive one everyday. This is something that every man ought to know how to do, and do well. Why? It can provide better gas mileage, it may come in handy during an emergency situation, it is almost mandatory […]

Babe Tribute – Sexy School Girls

It may be a Sunday, but there are still many things we could learn from sexy school girls. Such as that plaid skirts are awesome, button down blouses look best when they are actually being ‘buttoned down,’ and even if her father looks like Dwayne Johnson, we’d still tutor her past midnight.

Babe Tribute – Girl on Girl

Looking over the pages of father time, it has been suggested that the rate of girl on girl action (lesbian, bisexual) has been locked at somewhere around 2% for most of human history. Now, what these numbers don’t tell you, is that this lifestyle was strictly forbidden. Today, it has become much more accepting for […]

Babe Tribute – Daphne Joy

Here’s a treat for readers that goes by the name Daphne Joy. She’s Filipino/Puerto Rican, was the girlfriend of 50 cent, and a mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  

Why in the Hell You Need a Smart Watch?

Technology is advancing at a lightning pace. At least we hope it is advancing, and not just creating a lazier race of people. At this very moment, there are more gimmicks and gadgets than you could shake a laser wand at. However, while a smart watch may at first seem like just another retro-tech fad […]

Babe Tribute – Black Bikinis

The contrast that is created by a black bikini on a sexy body is absolutely amazing. We could get philosophical about our reasoning. However, we’d rather just show you what we mean.

Babe Tribute – Her Greatest ASSets

Urbasm salutes the booty, badonkadonk, glutius maximus, heine, and all others rear ends that fit into the category of… a nice ass. If we were to get all psychophilanthropological, we’d have to wonder what makes a perfect ass? I mean, there are just so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Is there really one that […]

The Hef Talks Love, Sex, and Getting Married (Again)

During an interview with Esquire Magazine, Hugh Hefner (a.k.a. “the Hef”) claims he is very much in love with his newest addition to the Playboy mansion, Mrs. Crystal Harris-Hefner. The two were married in December, with Harris dawning a little princess dress, and Hef in his characteristic sailor leisure suit. During the interview, the Hef […]

Babe Tribute – The Short Skirt

Women had to fight like hell to open the doors to the fashion statement known as the short skirt. Today we celebrate that victory!

Juice Your Phone

It used to be that all you needed to give your phone life was a simple dock. However, in the real word, people have things to do, calls to make, pictures to take, and places to go (where they need a GPS to get there). Who has time to give their phone a rest on […]