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Duct Tape, Tattoo, Fake Boobs, & JWoww

What does a roll of duct tape, a pair of fake boobs, a tattoo, and Jersey Shore’s, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, have in common? Well, apparently then may save the world from people’s voices being silenced, and judging by the reactions this photo has received, we’d say that she’s definitely got some people talking. The NOH8 campaign has been […]

Babe Tribute – Tanit Phoenix

You might know Tanit Phoenix from films like DeathRace 2 and others, and think you’ll agree this South African model and actress has many talents.

Babe Tribute – Sexy Redheads

Red hair is a genetic mutation… of the best kind! Less than two percent of the U.S female population would be considered a true redhead. Of the sixty percent of women who dye their hair. Six percent go blonde, seven percent go brunette, and thirty percent become redheads. The other colors, we could care less about. […]

Sexy Ads

The jungles are fierce with bikini clad hunters, searching for that one perfect man. A man who believes in burning bras. A man who fantasizes about Kate Upton and Carl’s Jr. A man who seeks the one true aphrodisiac, which consists of simply pressing the button on top of a $5 can of deodorant, and […]

Lonely Men, Love, Dolls

There are billions of lonely men in the world. Research suggests that the average man can expect to experience feelings of loneliness at least 50 days out of the year, and the more lonesome losers he knows, the more lonely he is likely to become. Think of loneliness as a bad cold, which can be […]

Babe Tribute – Jackeline Cardona

In a far away land, where pit-bulls are considered to be sexy, the Columbia model, Jackeline Cardona, has redefined their idea of beauty and sensuality. To date, she has appeared in such ad campaigns as NEXXOS, SVF, Goka, the Jeans Emporium, and is currently getting her Public Accounting degree at the University of Medellin (you know, just in case the modeling thing […]

Healthy Man Pasta in 30 Minutes

Men like pasta; we like ham and cheese, and if the vegetable doesn’t ruin the flavor, we’ll give it a thumbs up. Today, we have a healthy, 30-minute man recipe that will make a good post workout meal, impress your girlfriend, and is only slightly more difficult than heating a bowl of Chef Boyardee. Here’s […]

Hangover Science

We’ve heard this question time and again: What is a hangover? How can I prevent one, and is it true you will wake up with your head shaved, teeth missing, a baby, and a monkey? Well, we’ve seen a lot of babies come out of these, but we’re not too sure about the monkey. I […]

Babe Tribute – Ashley Ann Vickers

There are not many “babes” we would bring home to mom, but Ashley Ann Vickers is about as close as you can get to the perfect specimen. She is a proper Southern Bell, who is a cowboy at heart, and even owns her own ranch with a herd of cattle on it. She has traveled […]