Summertime Sixpack: Define Your Midsection With 6 Exercises

Building strong abs takes repetition (multiple sets), variation (you’ve got to build the entire core), and patience (you’re not going to build strong abs in one weekend). Building defined abs is the next level, which includes the addition of regular workouts (6 days a week), determination (almost never miss a day), motivation, and diet (salmon salad […]

5 Things Men Get Wrong About Building 6-Pack Abs

A man who wants to become a ‘superstar’ has already failed, simply because he has no direction from that statement. I mean, a superstar could be anything. Where is a guy to even start with a loose statement like that? Well, the same thing could be said about building 6-pack abs. Often when a guy […]

5 Killer Ab Exercises For A Ripped Six Pack

Have you ever wanted ripped, 6-pack abs? Yes? Welcome to the club. The abs are arguably the most attractive part of the body, but your abs aren’t just there to look good. No, the abs or core is arguably the most important part of the body that needs to remain functional and stable to prevent […]

Turn Your 4-Pack into a 6-Pack With This Lower Ab Routine

Summer is just around the corner. It is time to put the finishing touches to your six-pack. But wait? ‘I only have a four-pack,’ you say with a sigh. Okay, we can work with that, as you are probably missing a few key elements to your training—like, I don’t know… LOWER ABS! A lot of […]

6 Secrets to 6 Pack Shortcuts

Some would tell you that there is no ‘secret’ to six pack abs. It is just a combination of hard work and a good diet. This is kind of true–However, the problem is that most people do not know how to do those two things effectively, and therein lies the 6 secrets to 6-pack abs: […]

Easy 6-Pack Abs

All the ladies are swooning over Henry Cavill and his Superman six-pack. Well, we’re going to show you how to achieve the same 6-pack in about 6-seconds. And they’ve got one for the ladies, too. This option is free, but severely limits your mobility. Or there are a couple Walmart-quality options…   This worked well […]

Four Tips to Building Better Abs

The path to six-pack abs is much more than just diet and sit-ups. If you’re ready to take the next step to getting the abdominal muscles you’ve always wanted, might we suggest extending that effort to include these four important tips. 1. Meat and Potatoes I bet you were hoping we were going to suggest […]

Babe Tribute – Fit Girls

In this beautiful world, there are women who exercise, those who don’t, and those who dress the part and wander around the gym worrying about their makeup streaking due to a stray ball of sweat. Well, in case you hadn’t figured out who’s who, each one of the below sexy morsels is what you’d call […]

4 Worst Foods for Ripped Abs

Ripped abs are not an everyday event. You don’t just spend an hour and a half in the gym five days a week, and they appear like clockwork. If that were true, most guys would have them. No, it is a landmark to pull up your shirt, and have six golden rolls of perfectly toned […]

6 Exercises for Home-Made Six Pack Abs

Whoever said that you had to join a gym in order to achieve rock solid abs, has certainly never tried a good at-home circuit training program. The gym has a lot of great specialized ab equipment, but when you consider the wait time to get on any of these during prime time workout hours, ab circuit training […]