Light a Fire in the Bedroom

A lot has been said about rekindling the romance in your relationship. However, with the in-depth coverage of the topic in just about every woman’s magazine on the planet, you begin to get the feeling that it may not be as easy as you thought. Studies suggest that behind most every boring relationship are two […]

An End to the Minute-Man

If you’re a man, and have heard the word, “Already?” during your love-making sessions, you just may be a minute-man. The good news is that you are not alone. Looking at much of the research out there, if you take away the BJ to get ready, the introduction stage of getting in the motions, and […]

Never Judge A Woman By Her Appearance

When you read an article title like this, a lot of different things may be cascading through your mind. What we are referring to is the idea that ugly women fit best with ugly guys, average women are boring, and sexy women are reserved for George Clooney. What you need to understand about women, is […]

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Her Lingerie

Flash back ten years ago, and the relationship experts were all talking about how impressed your girlfriend would be if you buy her lingerie for Valentines Day. Well after a decade of making that mistake, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Women don’t appreciate lingerie as much as you think, and […]

Tips for Scoring with the Ladies

To score with a sexy lady (or two), without much fuss or muss (a.k.a. cash bucket loads), you’ll need at least three things: 1. Clean, clear, and blemish free skin (she can see through your beard, so don’t try to hide it)- Ask Men 2. A ripped physique (a.k.a. free of any reference to the […]

Too Much or Not Enough Sex… That is Today’s Question

Being hump day and all, we figured it would be a good idea to pull out the topic of sex. Whether you are not getting enough, getting too much, or just want to enjoy what you are getting more… we’ve got you covered! One dudes secret behind scoring with a lot of women – BroBible […]

Compact Car Sex!

*Warning: XXX Barbie action ahead! Compact car sex is great! However, there are a few problems with it, including being too narrow in the cockpit, navigating around an unwelcome shifter, and having only enough head room for a decapitated torso (unless you own a convertible). What’s an anxious couple supposed to do? Well, you could lean the seats […]

How NOT to Get Your Ex Back

The relationship experts say that between Thanksgiving and New Years more women dump their guy than at any other time of the year. It could have something to do with the stress of the holiday, the frigid chill in the air, or perhaps because your grandma’s fruitcake tastes like sh@$. Regardless of the cause, Urbasm […]

Kama Sutra for the Urban Man

The woman is instructed to crouch down on her heels, while the man enters her from behind while in a half-seated (or full-seated if you’re lazy) position. His job is to caress her body, including back, breasts, and thighs, while also kissing her tenderly. She controls the motion of this ocean by rocking back and […]

How to Woo Women with a Pickup Line

Generally, the best pickup line is the one with only five letters, “Hello.” However, there is a time and place where pickup lines can actually work in your favor. By that token, they can also dig you a deeper trench to climb out of. A classic study at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, put […]