5 Best Online Dating Websites for Manthers

Whether you prefer to dig your women out of the ground, or wait around at the maternity ward for them to be cleaned off, we here at Urbasm support your endeavors. The definition of a cougar, for all you cubs who are still on a store-bought formula, is a woman (age 35 or older) who prefers her […]

Women You Should Never Date

Cosmo’s magazine gives a lot of guys a bad wrap for being a combination of a player, jerk, mamma’s boy, and cheap a**. Well, I’ve got news for Cosmo; guys aren’t the only reason that many women have adopted steeper security measures to keep the straitjacket cuckoos off their caller ID’s and doorstep. Most men […]

7 Things Your Mom Should Have Told You About Sex

Your mom may have explained the basics about the birds and bees, but she most likely left out some of the finer details, and if you don’t know the in’s and out’s around the dating field, you’re only swinging with half a bat. Today, I’d like to share with you some of the important, lesser-known […]

Bizarre Sex Fantasies

Most people think that bizarre fantasies are a sign of being abnormal, or a sexual deviant. However, as most studies show, most of these represent the brain’s mechanism for coping with stress, or curbing an overzealous sexual appetite. So, whether you’re into balls or dolls, your weirdness has now been justified. However, we’re talking about […]

Sex Bucket List

If you’ve never mixed the pleasure of sex with the fear of being caught, arrested, or killed, you have no idea what you’re missing. According to the researchers who have studied this stuff, the draw to a wild escapade is the fear of something bad happening as a result. In other words, being scared creates […]

Kiss Her You Fool; But Don’t Do it Like a Fool

The art of kissing can get a little tricky. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you don’t. Kissing is about self-control and letting loose, holding back then plunging forward, taking your time and rushing through, and holding your breath then heaving like a banshee. Imagine each kiss as if […]

Sex Cereal, the Breakfast of Sexchampions

The Viagra of Wheaties is preparing to hit the shelves (in select markets), and we were dying to get in on this action. What we’re talking about here is a cereal designed to make people want to have sex. Looking over the statistics from the past few years, we didn’t know there was that big […]

A Recipe for Valentines Day Romance

The kitchen has numerous ingredients and gadgets that can be used for a romantic getaway on Valentines Day. Some guys travel far and wide to give their girl a special day. However, all one needs to have is a little imagination, trust, sense of humor, and maybe even a set of rubber sheets. This is […]

Valentine’s Day Sex Guide

What should a guy want for Valentines Day? Perhaps a box of chocolate? Candy heart? Pink rose? Hell no, you want sex, and lots of it! Let’s see if we can help you out with that… If your Valentine is a little shy, you might be able to get the devil to come out by giving […]

How to Spot a Gold Digger

The traditional idea of a gold digger is a woman who is on the prowl for money, and lots of it. If a man happens to be attached to all that money, then so be it. However, today we like to warn you about a different type of gold digger. The type who doesn’t necessarily […]