Workout Exercises You Don’t Do, But Damn Well Should

There is a difference between the man who does his workout from a textbook, and the one who relies on his animal instincts. The man who concentrates on one muscle at a time, and the one who prefers to utilize as many body parts as possible. We’re talking about doing power routines that strengthen your core, […]

Keep Your Teeth, and Improve Your Overall Health

You brush your teeth, occasionally floss, and reluctantly go to the dentist at least once a year. You should be good to go, right? Wrong. The research is stacking up, and it is becoming clear that clean teeth are not only good for smiles and kissing, but also for preventing tooth decay, infections, and heart attacks. Let me ask […]

4 Tips to Boost Metabolism For Better Muscle Gains

The old plan for gaining muscle was to eat a lot, lift heavy, and worry about losing all that chub once you reached your size goal. The only problem was that overeating plus working out does not create a ripped physique that women swoon after, but rather a lunk-look, that most prefer to run from. […]

4 Worst Foods for Ripped Abs

Ripped abs are not an everyday event. You don’t just spend an hour and a half in the gym five days a week, and they appear like clockwork. If that were true, most guys would have them. No, it is a landmark to pull up your shirt, and have six golden rolls of perfectly toned […]

Broga, The Yoga for Guys

Broga, is the next class you might see starting up in a gym near you. The idea was ‘thunked’ up by two yoga enthusiasts, who decided men are primarily uncoordinated, inflexible, and embarrassed to be in a room with a bunch of toned and flexible women in tight, body-hugging outfits. Okay, so two out of three I […]

Myths of Getting Ripped!

You May Have Heard Wrong! If your current regime to get ripped isn’t working, you may be relying on four of the most common myths. Myth 1– One of the biggest Myths is that cholesterol and fat should be avoided at all costs. You need some fat and cholesterol for your body to function, including producing hormones, […]

Three Plants for the Urban Male

By a raise of green thumbs, how many of you guys own a plant? That’s what we thought. In today’s technologically advanced society, most guys don’t think they have any need for a plant. They’re dirty, needy, hard to please, and… well, a lot like your ex. If you wanted a plant, you would either […]

24-Hours to Perfect Health

If you think the title of this article is referring to the idea of following a few simple guidelines to be in perfect health… you would be wrong. What this article is actually trying to accomplish, is to make you realize just how much work goes into staying healthy for one single day. At best, […]

Got Hair?

Male pattern baldness is something that will affect over 50 percent of guys as some point in their lives. However, it is more than just your genes that ravage your hair over time. Things like vitamin deficiency, stress, and dry skin, can all effect the health of your mane. Beyond the wonders of minoxidil (Rogaine) […]

Rob the Cradle, and Live Longer!

Men have tried everything to look and feel younger, including buying sports cars, getting hair transplants, opting for plastic surgery, and trading-in their rusty ball-and-chain for a shackle made of leather and lace. Only one of the above actions seems to hold any real promise… robbing the cradle. The Max Planck Institute reports that men […]