Study Reveals The One Thing That Will Make Any Man Healthier

If there was one thing that any man could do to improve his overall health and it took only 45 minutes a day – that would be a pretty good return from our point of view. And according to a recent Harvard study, such a thing does exist when you exercise. Okay, so we already […]

The Tug Toner Technique

Working out with machines and weights can be unnatural and boring. Every man has the capability to build strong lean forearms, a chiseled chest, bowed legs, and it all begins with one natural, pleasurable, and simple motion–called the tug toner technique.

Workout Exercises You Don’t Do, But Damn Well Should

There is a difference between the man who does his workout from a textbook, and the one who relies on his animal instincts. The man who concentrates on one muscle at a time, and the one who prefers to utilize as many body parts as possible. We’re talking about doing power routines that strengthen your core, […]