How to Successfully Start Your Own Couples Workout

If there is any goal worth keeping up with this year, it is to get in shape. And while you’re at it – bring your partner along for the ride. Working out as a couple is fun, sexy, motivational, and practically counts as foreplay. If you’ve failed in the past at getting your partner to […]

Say No To Yoga Pants Recall

The Vancouver-based, Lululemon Athletica Inc., is prepared to get a slap on the wrist, as a shipment of their black “luon” yoga pants has been found to be defective. The fabric of the pants affected is thinner than it should be, resulting in “a level of sheerness … that falls short of our very high […]

It’s Yoga Pants Season

For those of you who actually have seasons; Spring can be an amazing time. Why? The opposite sex sheds her layers in favor of something a little more… seasonal. Yoga pants are a common favorite of the urban male, and these are just a few reasons why we feel so strongly about that.

Broga, The Yoga for Guys

Broga, is the next class you might see starting up in a gym near you. The idea was ‘thunked’ up by two yoga enthusiasts, who decided men are primarily uncoordinated, inflexible, and embarrassed to be in a room with a bunch of toned and flexible women in tight, body-hugging outfits. Okay, so two out of three I […]