How to Lose Weight (without starving)

When you think of a diet, I bet your first thoughts are eating more steak, good fats, and remembering to fill yourself up with a big breakfast every morning. No? Well, perhaps you’ve not been introduced to the one diet that helps you lose weight, all while still allowing you to eat a lot of […]

6 Myths of Dieting that are Destroying Your Body

If you think you’ve heard everything there is to know about your atomic waistband spill (a.k.a. beer gut, flabby wings), and how to avoid its devastating effects through the proper application of dieting? You may be counting on the countless myths to carry you through. If your current diet plan hasn’t been working as well […]

Myths of Getting Ripped!

You May Have Heard Wrong! If your current regime to get ripped isn’t working, you may be relying on four of the most common myths. Myth 1– One of the biggest Myths is that cholesterol and fat should be avoided at all costs. You need some fat and cholesterol for your body to function, including producing hormones, […]

Fight Fat and Win!

Guys hate diets. In fact, the words should never even enter our vocabulary, unless we are making fun of some other guy who just said it. The health media community makes diet plans to lose fat seem so complex. Do eat carbohydrates; no wait, I mean, don’t! Eat lots of red meat; no, no, allow […]