Fight Fat and Win!

Guys hate diets. In fact, the words should never even enter our vocabulary, unless we are making fun of some other guy who just said it. The health media community makes diet plans to lose fat seem so complex. Do eat carbohydrates; no wait, I mean, don’t! Eat lots of red meat; no, no, allow us to rephrase that as, don’t eat any red meat at all, unless the animal has been eating organic grains and hasn’t passed any gas in the last two weeks! Come on… a guy begins to get the sense that science has absolutely no idea how to stay lean and strong.

Well, we know one guy who does. Meet 75-year-old Raymond Francis, “I’ve only had one health problem in the last 24 years,” says, Francis. “A cold, and I have a very good excuse for that.”

“I am becoming biologically younger every year—I have boundless energy—I am sharp as a tack—my arteries have been reduced to age 25—six years ago I was age 30—my goal is to have the arteries of a teenager, by the time I am 80,” gloats Francis, scientist and author of Never Be Sick Again. You may wonder what being healthy has to do with fighting fat, but it has everything to do with it. A healthy body (healthy cells) can fight disease, function at peak capacity, and yes; you guessed it, maintain the body at its ideal weight!

Francis’ Six Pathways to Your Ideal Weight and Health

“There are two cities—one city called health—the second is called disease (obesity),” explains Francis. “You’ve got six interstate highways connecting these cities—If you are heading towards disease on all six pathways, and you’ve got the accelerator floored; you are in real trouble (he laughs).”

Genetics– This is about the time that some guys start blaming their Uncle Bob or Great Grandfather Leroy, who was chubby his whole life. Well, yes; genetics can play a role, but research suggests that by heeding the advice we’re about to give, you may be able to switch directions on the highway, and overcome some of those genes. “We need to start asking our genes to do the right things, instead of asking them to do wrong,” says Francis.

Nutrition– The old saying goes; you get out of your body what you put into it. If you want your body to burn fat efficiently, you need to feed your cells a balanced diet of protein and vegetables (fresh organic), plus some carbs. I say ‘some carbs’ because ideally, you’ll want to minimize your intake of processed/packaged sugars, wheat, and corn. Beans are one of the best sources of energy, and once your body acclimates to the extra fiber; you won’t blow your partner out of bed each night (from gas).

Toxic Sludge– Fast food, processed sugars, and pesticides interfere with the normal function of your cells. If you remember what we said before, your body can’t maintain its weight if it is not functioning at its peak capacity. You wouldn’t digest radiator fluid every day. However, poor food choices are destroying your body in the same way… only at a much slower rate. To cut your pesticides by more than half, Francis recommends eating non-organic red meat and dairy sparingly.

Positive Attitude– Thoughts affect your body more than you know. Having a chronic negative outlook on life drags your body down, forcing you to overeat and workout less. And when you do actually get into the gym, you won’t have the energy level to get anything out of it. Negative thoughts and stress are like poison, which is why you should always think positively no matter what you’re against.

Move!– You say that you are trying to eat right, but you have to move to make sure the cells in your body get stretched enough to allow those good nutrients into their membrane. Movement also helps rid the body of excess waste. Maintaining a regular workout at least three or more times a week will help keep your cells healthy, enabling your body to burn more fat and maintain your ideal weight.

Chemical Diets– “The 15 percent of medicine that is based on science, works, and is miraculous,” explains Francis. “The 85 percent that doesn’t work can kill you.” Guys, I know you’re looking for a miracle that will melt away your belly fat, while you sit in your recliner drinking a beer. However, it doesn’t exist. Quit trying to find the medical breakthrough that will enable you to fight fat, and just follow these six simple steps.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on ‘chemicals and gadgets’ that fight fat; you only need to love your body enough to do right by it!


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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.