Using Social Media To Fight Back Against Corporate Bully’s

This past Sunday I stopped to use my ATM at Citibank in South Beach, and left my car in the parking lot while I walked two blocks to grab a coffee. By the time I returned, my car was jacked up and on its way out because the ambiguously worded parking sign read that customers […]

7 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

1) Get to know yourself.  Time to put the personal in personal style.  Nicer brands don’t always make for a high quality look.    It’s one thing to drop money on an expensive suit, but it also needs to be flattering while fitting your vibe.  Think of the clothes in your closet as its own brand.  […]

Scooting through the Southeast on an EcoReco

As a child of the 90’s, I was heavily involved with a Razr scooter gang back in the day.  The EcoReco Electric Scooter takes that same platform and gives it a fresh, eco-friendly update.  The sleek, all black look is also helpful in giving it a more age appropriate appeal to adults. I first tested […]

Oh, Did You Mean $Basel or #Basel?

Art Basel is a time when any semblance of order is tossed aside in favor of an aesthetic meritocracy. The plastic surgery, paintings, designer shoes (both real and fake) all contribute to a culture of appraising things based off how they look. However, the sale of art and how we come to value it is […]

Ultimate Guide to Miami

Miami is a bizarre place – not quite the United States, but not quite Latin America. There’s so much glitz, glamour and bare skin, you’ll hardly recognize that you’re sweating your balls off. That being said, Miami is an incredibly expansive city. With the lack of public transportation, it’s important to plan your nights out […]

A Eurotrip of Style

On this style tour of Western Europe, outfits were selected from designers that embody each nation’s sense for menswear. Even if you don’t speak the native tongue where you’re going, style is one of the most effective ways of fitting in. By executing a current look from a classic designer, you’re sure to pay proper […]

Black, Red and White All Over- All Things Stylish in 2014

Looking ahead to 2014, the tone of menswear is about to change to a more subdued yet savvy style. All black ensembles with pops of color are quickly becoming the best way to show your care about fashion without going overboard. The holiday season carries its fair share of cheese, but we want to make […]

COTM: Jersey Lightning, Updated and Upgraded

If someone were to hand you a cocktail glass at a holiday party and tell you, “It’s Jersey Lightning”, would you react with skepticism? Understandably so. While it sounds like something Snooki would “accidentally” put in her son’s bottle, its apple and ginger notes makes for a delectable drink during the colder months. Guy friends will appreciate the class […]

Raymond Weil Tradition Collection Chronograph Watch

  Swiss Tradition is alive and well over at the eponymous and family-run Raymond Weil. This chronograph watch from Weil’s “Tradition” collection features styling cues like roman numerals and black calfskin band material for a more “timeless” look. The positives of the collection is that it’s a good investment due to its classical stylings. The one drawback is that […]

6 Tips to Approaching Women at a Bar or Club

Let’s be real, no guy wants to be labeled as “weird” or “awkward” by a girl he goes to hit on. However, there are little things you can do within the first moments of seeing and meeting a girl that make all the difference in how she perceives you. Here are a couple of helpful tips to make […]