Holiday Gift GUYde: Volume II (2015)

Now in its second year, the Urbasm gift GUYde is finally here for all your last minute gift-giving needs and post-holiday shopping sprees. 1) Birddogs From left to right: The Thrusters, The Billy Budds, The Sunny D’s and The Duster Birddogs is perfect if you’re a fitness junkie or buying holiday gifts for one. Birddogs […]

Recap of the 2015 Art Basel in Miami

In a year when the most notable “performance” of Art Basel was a student stabbing a random bystander with an X-Acto knife (only to mistakenly be perceived as art itself), how does one stand out without looking crazy? Here are Urbasm’s felony-free highlights from Art Basel 2015: Institute of Contemporary Art Opening Party The ICA’s […]

Tommy Bahama: St. Kitts Fragrance Keeps it Light and Beachy

Tommy Bahama is well known for its floral printed shirts, but none of the flowers made it to their new St. Kitts fragrance for men – which is probably for the best. The scent is beachy without having that overpowering Bath & Body Works candle smell to it. Other notes include mandarin, starfruit, cedarwood and fresh […]

A Stronger Take on Color from Moranic Pants

Let’s start with the basics – these are not pajama pants. No. Moranic Pants are based out of Kenya and were relevant long before Calvin Klein partnered with wholesale stores to sell long johns. Entrepreneur Irfan Dean has worked with his team of local artisans in Kenya to help produce the pants and open them […]

GoBro Tanks: A Revival of Velcro and Hulk Hogan Moments

GoBro Tanks is a fresh take on frat-wear sensibilities. With a single tug, wearers tear away the tank, offering a fun way of celebrating a beer pong win, America or just passing an exam. Bashful types beware – this is a garment that will definitely grab attention. I got a chance to try out an […]

Wake Up! Caffeinated Skincare is Here

Pacific Shaving Company is an American-made line of skincare, which most recently has been working on infusing caffeine into its shaving products. Can it absorb into your blood this way? Yes. Does it replace your morning coffee? No. However, it’s important to remember that this is about showing your best face, not your most hyperactive […]

5 Skin Care Tips for Guys With Fair (Pale) Skin

Living in a hot, sunny climate with a pale complexion can be challenging when it comes to skincare. Ideally, you want a regimen that’s going to protect you, but bathing in SPF 50 before you walk outside isn’t the most convenient route. Is it really possible to maintain healthy skin without putting in a ton […]

Holiday Gift GUYde

When it comes to the holidays, it can be hard to figure out what to get guys. Is it truly possible to go beyond the sweater and find something more personal, without it being too sappy? Urbasm searched far and wide for the best gifts for guys in 2014. Bison Socks United by Blue has […]

COTM – Urbasm Celebrates National Vodka Day

To celebrate National Vodka Day, the team at Urbasm has put together a couple of recipes using Crystal Head Vodka. The bottling is incredible and made by none other than Dan Aykroyd. All Tipsy No Scurvy Ingredients: Lime-flavored tonic Sweet Limes Oranges Crystal Head Vodka Instructions: Use a juicer for the citrus (or dice them into […]

Shamrocks, Sunshine & Stout – To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Editors Note: This past March, we were fortunate enough to win the Guinness Storehouse Travel Contest, hosted by the Details Style Network. Our writer responsible for the winning article A Eurotrip of Style, Jason Wilson, received a trip to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. And this is the rest of the story… The foggy haze […]