7 Drinks Every Man Should Know How To Make

You are a man. A man who knows how to get things done, and that is what she loves about you. But while we’re on that topic, how many drinks can you mix for her off the top of your head? One… two… maybe three, if you count adding ice to a glass of chardinay. […]

Manly COTM – White Claw Summer Spiked Seltzers

LaCroix has taken over as my mixer of choice recently. The zero calorie factor is ideal and goes hand in hand with preventing a sugary hangover. Shares of its parent company, National Beverage Corp., experienced more growth than Netflix and Tesla combined this year. If Seltzer’s surge in the market wasn’t already evident enough, companies […]

Crafted Taste Cocktail Club Delivers To Your Door

If you’re like us, your version of a cocktail is whatever is in the bar cabinet at the time. We often think to ourselves, Isn’t a modern Harvey Wallbanger supposed to use Fanta soda? Yeah, but Sunkist ought to do. Or so we like to think. In an attempt to end bad bartender etiquette like […]

COTM – Urbasm Celebrates National Vodka Day

To celebrate National Vodka Day, the team at Urbasm has put together a couple of recipes using Crystal Head Vodka. The bottling is incredible and made by none other than Dan Aykroyd. All Tipsy No Scurvy Ingredients: Lime-flavored tonic Sweet Limes Oranges Crystal Head Vodka Instructions: Use a juicer for the citrus (or dice them into […]

COTM – Brain Freeze

There are a lot of cleverly packaged products out there that sadly mask nothing but a poor execution to a so-so idea. Thankfully for today’s COTM, Crystal Head Vodka is not one of them. Brain Freeze is one of the signature cocktails of this simple, creamy, elegantly spicy, and quadruple distilled vodka, and it’s so […]

COTM – Whisky Sour

The Whisky Sour is as much a drink as you could regard it as a concept. Sour mixed with alcohol, and garnish. There’s no shortage on how to do it, and many recipes advise simple syrup, but we’ll tell you the secret to making the perfect whisky sour every time. 2 oz of whisky 1 […]