Crafted Taste Cocktail Club Delivers To Your Door

crafted taste

If you’re like us, your version of a cocktail is whatever is in the bar cabinet at the time. We often think to ourselves, Isn’t a modern Harvey Wallbanger supposed to use Fanta soda? Yeah, but Sunkist ought to do. Or so we like to think.

In an attempt to end bad bartender etiquette like ours, the Crafted Taste Cocktail Club has gone to some of the best bartenders in the nation, collected their favorite drink recipes, and serves them up each month in one convenient kit. So, it not only helps to keep your liquor cabinet stocked, but also gives you pointers to go towards your bartender’s badge.

The Subscriptions starts at “Mixer” status for $65 a month, then goes to $130 for the “Monthly” and finally $200 for their “Premium” kit. But no matter which way you go, Crafted Taste leaves you with a full-sized bottle and plenty of fresh ingredients to make sure you’re getting more than just two or three servings.

And as most of these box subscriptions go, you can cancel, opt-out or upgrade/downgrade at any time. Get more info here.


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