7 Drinks Every Man Should Know How To Make

Drinks Every Guy Should Know How To Make

You are a man. A man who knows how to get things done, and that is what she loves about you. But while we’re on that topic, how many drinks can you mix for her off the top of your head? One… two… maybe three, if you count adding ice to a glass of chardinay.

Look, there are seven mixed drinks that are staples for the urban gentleman. And I intentionally inferred the phrase “urban gentleman,” as these drinks are not for you to enjoy alone, as you might say a Man O’ War, but rather in the company of a special lady.

These seven drinks suggest to a woman that you are familiar with the four C’s: culture, character, charisma, and class. And when something so simple can give you that much of an edge in the playing field, you’d be crazy not to take advantage.

The Drinks:


(we recommend vodka for added flair )




Bloody Mary


White Russian

Bonus – Irish Coffee

(Because the most significant of gentlemen knows how to make more than just seven mixed drinks)

But if all else fails, or this list looks too exhausting, or you just can’t make a decent mixed drink to save your life. we do have a backup plan:


Of which you can become a connoisseur of wine in just three simple steps. We recommend at least having both a red and a white on standby at all times, because… you can’t really be any sort of a connoisseur without having the two.

And please, for the sake of every other man who may use this technique in the future – please use an actual wine glass when serving. No respectable woman wants to drink merlot from a sippy cup or beer mug. And if she does, you may just have to marry her (or I will).

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