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Awesome Bachelor Pad’s – How Much Wood Should Chuck Chuck?

Our friend chuck is in the process of remodeling his bachelor pad. And to offer inspiration for his endeavors, we decided to craft a post around some of the finest wood pads and man caves around the world. And yes, we do understand that the experts are claiming that the forests are retreating around us […]

Arc’teryx Fission Jacket – When the Snow Really Hits the Fan

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, we like to consider ourselves prepared for just about anything with our Arc’teryx Fission SV Jacket. It comes with a boat load of trademark warming features, including Coreloft™ insulation, a GORE-TEX® waterproof exterior shell, WaterTight™ Vislon zipper and a DropHood™. Without getting into too much detail, […]

100 Best Men’s Style Websites

If you’re reading this, you are probably a man who understands that your style is pivotal to your success in life. Being a man of fashion may require that you are disciplined and committed to keeping up with the current trends and fads. Being a man of style requires only that you are true to […]

Survivorman Les Stroud On Being a Man

What’s on Les Stroud’s bucket list? Yeah, we were a little curious too. But what we really were interested to find out is what’s on his ‘man card’ for the coming year? Growing a more epic beard, rescuing kittens, building a log cabin with his bare hands—Nope, all mere child’s play compared to the real […]

Timeless Classics

There are a handful of watches that will never go out of style. These are what we consider timeless classics, and it is a good thing they exist, as a quality watch is not something you want to purchase and enjoy for only one seasonal trend. If we were about to lay out a couple […]

6 Fall/Winter Rules to Wearing Plaid

A man has absolutely no reason to fear plaid, provided his direction is clear, honest, and well guided. We like floral prints, but they need to be handled like liquid nitrogen, as too much can light a street on fire, and not in a good way. Plaids, on the other hand, are a bit more […]

Women We Love – Chic Lust

She is smart, beautiful, successful, and has places to go–yet she chooses to spend some of that time with us men. Thank you for being the women of our dreams, and in return we promise to become the man of yours…  

When at a Loss for Words – Get Your Qwyrk On

Messaging each other with words of wisdom and inspiration is what social media is all about (at least a portion of it). But how many ways can you say, congratulations, good job, or “win one for the zipper”, before it starts to lose some of its original expression and intent? At one time, emoticons were […]

Zipbuds PRO – Because Your Headphones Should Work as Hard as You

Music is a big part of my life. Not so much that I try to drown the world out with it, but rather embellish on certain moments, such as when working out or waiting at the airport. We rely on our devices to perform when we need them, and when we ask them to perform […]

Cool Bachelor Pad Game Rooms

Girls may want to have fun, but guys are the masters at making it happen. Here are a few ideas to update your current man cave to something that is… a little less cave-like.