Morning Link Dump – August 14, 2013

We open todays dump with a series of important questions. What is the shortest male erection ever to be recorded? 1.75-inches. What are the most common artifacts found underneath roller coasters? Wallets, eyeglasses, change, and bras. Could a fart ever amount to the devastating properties of a weapon of mass destruction? Yes, if you collected […]

Morning Link Dump – July 31, 2013

As we say goodbye to July, and hello to August; we’d like to share a few of the things we’ve learned so far this summer: This is the best ‘all-occasion’ summer wine of 2013 – Details You can kick anyone’s ass at golf, tennis, croquet, softball, and horseshoes – Esquire It is possible to smell good […]

Extreme Hot Air Ballooning

“Up, up and away-i-ay, my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…” The birds are getting ready to chirp, the sun is peaking out, and there is no better way to see the world than in a hot air balloon. The best part is this extreme activity is something that almost anyone can enjoy with a limited amount […]

Extreme Whitewater Rafting

What does living life to the “extreme” in the Spring mean? Well, to some it means the thrill of plunging into a pine scented abyss of gurgling water, dodging bobbing rubber ducky’s and balancing a laptop carelessly on the edge of their garden sized Jacuzzi tub. To others it means wavering carelessly in the lazy […]

The Clicker Remote Control for Beer Drinkers

Dear Santa Wives/Girlfriends, With football and hockey season in full swing, a lot of guys may find it difficult keeping track of their factory remote controls and bottle opener (and your teeth will make a poor choice for a substitute). The Clicker ($15) is a universal remote control with a built-in bottle opener. The body […]

It’s Slamball Time Again!

Remember those days of pouncing on the trampoline in your backyard until either your legs gave out, or you flew off into Mom’s rose bush and spent the rest of the night picking raw thorns out of your rump. Or how about those summer nights with the gang on the basketball court where even the […]