5 Date Ideas to Impress

Don’t be a Dud Dude There’s nothing (un)sexier than sending texts back and forth that say: “Do you want to grab some food?” “Sure, where are you thinking?” “I’m not sure. What are you in the mood for?” “Doesn’t matter to me; anything really.” “Do you have a preference?” “I’m totally open, What about you?” […]

The 21st Century Guide to the Modern First Date

No one understands dating in the 21st century better than comedian Aziz Ansari, who is the creator and star of “Master of None” on Netflix. The show follows Dev, a young working actor in New York wandering through the ups and downs of dating from a modern perspective. While the show opened to rave reviews, […]

Extreme Hot Air Ballooning

“Up, up and away-i-ay, my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…” The birds are getting ready to chirp, the sun is peaking out, and there is no better way to see the world than in a hot air balloon. The best part is this extreme activity is something that almost anyone can enjoy with a limited amount […]