Who Will Be Crowned AFC Champions in 2015

Now that the NFL season is under way, analysts have watched enough of the teams to have a good idea which of them has a real chance to win the AFC Conference. While a key injury, especially to a quarterback, could change the situation, it’s easy to tell who the great teams are. Here are […]

4 Craziest NFL Football High-Tech Stadiums in the USA

NFL stadiums are getting out of control. Since 2000, a staggering 14 teams (nearly half the league) have built brand new stadiums to replace their old ones. That’s bad news for taxpayers, who are usually left footing the bill, and fans who continue to pay higher ticket prices to cover the costs of these technological […]

Why You Need More Live Entertainment

The average American spends more than 11 hours each day on electronic media, according to Nielsen. This includes time watching live TV, listening to the radio, using smartphones and surfing the Internet. Get away from your usual settings and your electronics, and go to a play, concert, movie or sporting event. Live entertainment often delivers […]

Blast Motion Sensor Wearable Tech – Makes You Better At Anything You Do

Professional sports teams have the advantage of analyzing their players moves to pinpoint great moves and analyze the ones that could use a little improvement. Blast Motion has found a way to deliver this same technology into a 3D motion sensing device that you wear during any activity that you like to do. The way […]

Catalyst Waterproof Case – The Ultimate in iPhone Adventure Gear

What is your iPhone most afraid of? Nature. It is fearful of rain storms, hail, snow, caves, deep sea excursions and unruly rapids. In other words, it doesn’t like water all that much. It is also not particularly fond of heights and excessive speeds (especially when it is not safely nestled inside a cockpit). I […]

Interview with Aston Martin’s 24 Hours of Le Mans Driver, Darren Turner

Since 2004, Darren Turner has been driving for Aston Martin. Before that he was a McLaren F1 test driver. Two of the highlights of his career came in both 2007 and 2008 when Darren became a Double Le Mans 24 Hours GT1 winner. And this weekend he is looking to add a third win to that […]

Veronica Grey Talks About Success, Passion and the Worst Shark Attack Ever

Veronica Grey has been called many things over her lifetime, including a muse, author, film producer and environmentalist. But today she is celebrating at least two of those talents along with fellow celebrity environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, for her work on the film, Worst Shark Attack Ever. It is a Special Humanitarian Award from the 2015 […]

Ken Block is the New Face of Saxx Underwear

Ken block is one of the most awesome men we know. He’s been the face behind our favorite Spy sunglasses; he’s taught us how to ice skate and drift like a man—and this month he is demonstrating how to model underwear like one. “I never once in my life thought that I’d be an underwear […]

Ultimate Checklist: What to Bring to a Summer Ball Game

Heading out to the ballpark with the whole family to attend a game? While peanuts and Cracker Jacks may not be on the list of things you plan to pack, here are a few items that you definitely don’t want to forget: 1. Protective Eyewear Eye protection for the entire family is paramount, especially when […]

Let The Games Begin

With #SuperBowlXLIX less than a week away, we’re psyched for game time. The SeaHawks face the Patriots in what many anticipate to be a great game, with an expected 185 million to tune in. This one’s almost too close to call, with the SeaHawks strong defense, but the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been on fire lately, having thrown […]