NFL’s Reggie Kelly Tells Us Three Things Every Man Should Know

It takes a big man to survive the NFL, and at 6″4″ and around 258 pounds, some would say that Reggie Kelly put his God given gifts on the right path. Reggie would go on to help the Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in 2003, which was a first in […]

Inside the Technology of the NFL

With the exception of a few helmet headsets and some cameras, the NFL is void of technology inside the lines of scrimmage. It’s just a few referees and 22 giants going head to head. But outside those lines, technology is what makes the world of the NFL spin. From broadcasting to play calling, coaches, coordinators, […]

Superbowl Countdown – NFLs Hottest Wags of All Time

As we get closer to kickoff, few things will keep us calm as the excitement builds. Only a look at NFL WAGs might help until game time.

Let The Games Begin

With #SuperBowlXLIX less than a week away, we’re psyched for game time. The SeaHawks face the Patriots in what many anticipate to be a great game, with an expected 185 million to tune in. This one’s almost too close to call, with the SeaHawks strong defense, but the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been on fire lately, having thrown […]