The Must Have App For Men Everywhere

Ever experience the mind numbing prattle of your woman going on about something? Of course you have; we’ve all been there. Don’t you wish their was a remote to take control? Finally, the new YammerJammer app can take care of that. Using a similar technology as you would find in noise cancellation headphones, the application emits […]

Grovemade – Because Manly iPhones Prefer 100% Wood

Last month I made some new friends over at Grovemade, when they sent over for review what has become my new favorite iPhone dock. The wood finish on this has a very classic, custom, and well crafted look (100% made in Portland Oregon), and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone in the market for […]

iPhone Tech – Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

Every award winning day should begin with the heavy aroma of sizzling bacon. If your mornings don’t all start this way, Oscar Mayer has an app (and a gadget) for that. It’s called Wake Up And Smell The Bacon, and it does just that–releases the scent of premium cooked bacon with the tone of your alarm […]

Cabelet Wearable Tech iPhone Charger

We at Urbasm are big fans of wearable tech, like this cabelet from Kyte&Key. It looks like a fashionable leather bracelet by day, and in the evening when your iphone5 is dragging, it becomes a powerful ‘capped’ crusader. You see, this is no ordinary bracelet, but a charging/data cable that can transfer data faster than […]

World’s Largest iPhone Speaker Just Got Bigger

In a world of constantly shrinking phones, the world’s biggest iPhone speaker just got bigger. With the new WOS 2.0, we rediscover that bigger sometimes still does mean better. In fact, it is 36% bigger, which means that it is also 95% louder. It comes with 16 speakers and is capable of producing 130 decibels for […]

Pop Desk for the Apple iPhone

There is a point when technology goes so far, it actually becomes inconvenient. Take those flat rectangles smartphones we are constantly placing against our face to make a call. The old phones were easier to hold, hear, and speak in a clear voice. Introducing the Pop Desk Phone by Native Union, which can turn your […]

New Potato FLPR Universal Remote Control for iPhone

As a man, it’s in our DNA to commandeer the remote control at every opportunity. And with the FLPR Universal Remote Control from New Potato Technologies you can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your new remote. Just download the app, add and select a device (like TV, DVD, etc) and brand, then insert FLPR in […]

Make Sexy-Time Easy with the WeMo Light Switch

You may be wondering to yourself, what possible use would I have for a light switch that is controlled via a Wi-Fi connection. For one, it is cool.  You can control any light switch in your house from your smartphone (Android or iOS device), and the installation is so easy, even a metrosexual can do it. […]

Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Dock

An innovative sound system powered by the sun, the Soulra XL comes with 8 speakers, 22 watts of solar pounding power that pumps out your favorite tunes just about anywhere. It takes about 5 hours to charge in the sun, depending on intensity, and about the same amount of playback time. It’s a green boom […]

Alarm Clock App for Your iPhone

So, you’ve already ditched your remote control, MP3/DVD player, book shelves, and digital camera. How else could you possibly simplify your life using your iOS phone? Well, the “Wake Alarm” is a new alarm app that doesn’t suck. It features a “spin” dial to set the time, a “swipe” to check the alarm, a “slap” […]