Inteliscope Rifle Adapter for Your iPhone

Here’s a handy device for firearm enthusiasts that we never saw coming. It is an iPhone (iPad) adapter for your rifle, that turns your Apple device into one hell of a digital optical scope. It offers a landscape portrait of whatever you’re shooting, including the capability to record, zoom, and keep track of the prevailing […]

Tattoos that ‘Ring’ with Your Smartphone

The cell phone company, Nokia, has invented a technology that allows a tattoo to ‘ring’ (more like a tingle or itch) whenever someone calls or sends a notification. The technology involves magnetized tattoo ink, which means your existing tatt probably won’t work, unless you add onto it with some of the magnetized stuff. The ink works in conjunction with your […]

Plair… You’ll Want it!

How many of you play around with your little iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, or laptop, while there is a 50-inch flat screen television with surround sound, remote, and a comfy recliner, no more than 20 feet away? This is where a Plair comes in. You just Plug it into an HDMI port; download the app (mobile) or web […]

Juice Your Phone

It used to be that all you needed to give your phone life was a simple dock. However, in the real word, people have things to do, calls to make, pictures to take, and places to go (where they need a GPS to get there). Who has time to give their phone a rest on […]

We Heart the ClamCase ClamBook

We were nudged this week about the possibility of Google planning an integrated laptop docking station for the Android. That’s great, we said, and then went back to licking our screens, and dreaming about the ClamCase ClamBook. We like clams. They may not always be appreciated, but if you know what you’re doing, you could […]

Cool Mobile Gadgets

If there is one device that’s changed the course of humanity, it would have to be the mobile phone. It’s with us practically everywhere we go, and for some that includes the ‘facilities’. Now with the power of a small personal computer, smart phones not only keep us connected, they also keep us in the […]

The New iPhone 5: Thinner, More Powerful, and in Stores Next Week

Today, the iPhone 5 was finally unveiled through Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and while it has some stellar features, the Samsung Galaxy should still hold its ground as its closest competition. The biggest news for the upgrade is that it will be taller (4-inch diagonal screen) and thinner (0.3 inches), which means it can now […]