Cool Home Offices – In Your Element

The key to a really great home office for some is to maintain a clean and organized atmosphere and simple set of tools from which to work from. However, we can see one problem here. These set-ups are missing the dirty, unorganized inspiration of the natural (and sometimes unnatural) world. Here are four solutions… windows, style, […]

Awesome Bachelorette Pad

Riddle me this: What kind of celebrity singer/actress would hold herself up in a $22 million, 6,200 square-foot N.Y.C. bachelorette pad with oak floors and bright white walls? Hint: She is definitely going to appreciate the built-in ‘smart’ control that will allow her to dim lights and turn down the heat whenever her twins get […]

Ultimate Million Dollar Garages

A glass hot tub would look pretty basic without a marble bathroom floor to place it in. A 370-inch Titan Zeus 4K TV would only be half as luxurious without a 2,000 square foot theater room and over 10,000-watts of amplified surround sound to rock it. The same goes for a Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari 458, whose […]

Hobbit Huts Become New Luxury in Home Design

What is luxury living to you? Is it a combination of technology, limited materials, expensive design, intricate details, and sterile innovation? We’d like to challenge this thinking, suggesting that luxury should rather be artistic, simple, useful, and absolutely beautiful in a completely imperfect way. Small may be the new awesome in home design, but size […]

Awesome Bachelor Pad’s – How Much Wood Should Chuck Chuck?

Our friend chuck is in the process of remodeling his bachelor pad. And to offer inspiration for his endeavors, we decided to craft a post around some of the finest wood pads and man caves around the world. And yes, we do understand that the experts are claiming that the forests are retreating around us […]

Cool Bachelor Pad Game Rooms

Girls may want to have fun, but guys are the masters at making it happen. Here are a few ideas to update your current man cave to something that is… a little less cave-like.    

Stikwood Wall Mural Is the Urban Man’s Log Cabin Substitute

The urban barbarian has been gifted with a cave built from smooth velvet, otherwise known as cement, wallpaper and textured drywall. However, you can’t just forsake hundreds of generations of log cabin building, and expect to forget about the exhilarating sensation of living within a fortress built from real trees hand carved by muscle, steel, […]

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

Your traditional 25-gallon aquarium has just received a bump in style. Aquavista specializes in creating life through what is normally associated with pixels and modern technology. The Panoramic Wall Aquarium is a plasma TV inspired design, which offers a full six-feet of aquatic viewing pleasure. It hangs on your wall in the same fashion as […]

Gentlemen Moto Lamps – for the Gearhead in Every Man

A ‘gearhead’ is not exactly a very gentlemanly term, but when it comes to a man’s fascination for anything on wheels, I think it’s okay to loosen our ties a bit. While the traditional automotive enthusiast will admire the lamp designs by Luc and Andre, Classified Moto has their own motorbike inspired lamps we’d like […]

20 Most Incredible Container Homes Known to Man

The above container home may appear moderate in size, yet if you calculate the area of each of its six containers, it is likely providing around 3,000 square feet of wide open living space. This is because for every two containers that are pushed together, it becomes the equivalent of a 1,000 square foot house. […]