8 Bathrooms a Man Shouldn’t Live Without

A man’s bathroom often gets downplayed for his game room, kitchen and closet. This is a real shame, considering that a man’s bathroom is the one place he can go to get away from it all. We’re talking about your annoying girlfriend/wife, bad day at the office, and news that your gentleman’s cave is still […]

The Gentleman’s Loft – Living Without Boundaries

A loft was once defined as an inexpensive living area designed without boundaries as to the use of its space. In particular, they were meant to be functional for both business and pleasure (i.e. work and play), and were very popular with the artsy crowd. Today, the urban gentleman has taken a great interest in […]

Cubicles – Coppin Penthouse with a View

The urban landscape can be very boxy if you allow it to be. The design aspect of height brings the necessity to utilize cubes of space in every apartment or penthouse. But as we have learned in life, if you can’t change something, then you should just accentuate it even more. This Coppin Penthouse, located […]

Cubicles – The Seamless Modern Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad should be an extension to yourself. Something that flows seamlessly from pool to indoors, room to room and floor to ceiling. This design by Shelly and Avi Osadon of See Construction demonstrates how the cubicle shape can be utilized in every step of a design process. Notice how the large blocks of […]

Tiny Mansions

The term, “mansion” has been used to describe many things throughout history, including a building of sheer mass, size, beauty and luxury. But is it possible to fit enough comfort and design into a space of less than 2,000 square feet to deserve to be called ‘Tiny Mansion’? We think so, and here’s our proof: […]

Affordable Neon Signs For Your Man Cave

If you’re man cave is currently missing its quintessential warm glow of a neon sign; Neon Mfg can hook you up at a fraction of the going price. For around $350 you can have a custom sign designed to say anything you want, or you can browse their online store for some nice gems under […]

Bentley Motors Finds its Way into Your Living Room – As Furniture

Bentley has imagined some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world, and then willed them into existence using some of the finest materials on the planet. The result is embarking on an adventure every time you need to travel from A to B… with “to” being the most enjoyable portion of most every trip. […]

Interior Design With Character

If you find drywall boring and care to spruce up your humble abode with the character of brick for an uber hipster look, now you can choose from an assortment of realistic wallpapers to get the job done. Choose from weathered or decayed brick to modern concrete texture looks on your choice of light, medium […]

Awesome Tree Houses – Not Just For Boys

Man has always marveled at the concept of flight and height. So much that he is often driven to create architectural masterpieces that reach high into the sky, such as the sky garage penthouse. But there is also a way for the average man to scale down the high rise tower of the urban landscape into […]

Awesome Wine Cellars for Small Spaces

Tonight there will be thousands of wine bottles opened, and champagne glasses tipped in celebration of the new year. When tomorrow roles around, many of us will need to make a trip to the liquor store to restock the small wine rack sitting on the counter. But there is another way. What if you could […]