Infinity Walls by Pixers

The Infinity Pool has long been admired by us. So much in fact, we’ve been hoping that someone would develop a similar product that one could enjoy in their own home. In other words, a means to create vast, never-ending space within a rather cramped urban condo or apartment. Pixers has answered our call. Wall […]

Luc & Andre Spirit of 427 Wall Lamp

The Spirit of the infamous 429 Cobra lives on in the studios of Luc Siodmok and Andre Sapierzynski. And as of recently, it has also found its way onto some Gentleman’s wall–and why should he be having all the fun? The 427 Wall Lamp is a unique performance piece for your bachelor pad, which brings […]

Shipping Container Homes – Simple is the New Awesome

A shipping container has been built to transport large amounts of goods safely by either boat or train. What this means is that this boring little building block is essentially wind proof and weather resistant, and it accomplishes these two important tasks while also being affordable and reliable. Now imagine if we added wood floors, […]

Small is the New Awesome in Home Design

In today’s modern world of luxury homes, high dollar amounts and ample space are often equated to beauty, class, and style. However, Andrew and Gabriells Morrison, have proven that size and expense have little to do with that when you create enough interest with the space you have available. The following photos by @TinyHouseBuild/REX, represent […]

New York Penthouse Bachelor Pad

New York is a city of excess when it comes to penthouse suites. However, if you add the talents of designer, Jane Kim–the excess becomes a balance of organized opposites. Smooth walls welcome the chaos of old world industrial iron beams. Battered wood floors and tables find themselves revived by the coaxing of living animals […]

The Ultimate Gentleman’s Pad – Antilia

We’ve featured a lot of ‘awesome‘ and ‘classy‘ gentleman’s pads in the past. However, Antilia (named after a mystical island in the Atlantic Ocean) is supposed to be the ‘ultimate’. Let’s tally up its awesomeness and see if it’s worthy of this title. While Antilia is technically a 27-floor building, due to its extended ceilings […]

The Bachelor of Arts Bachelor Pad

A Bachelor of Arts is one who makes love to a lot of women, and yet has the art to remain a bachelor. -Helen Rowland

The Transforming Apartment

At just 420 square feet, this Soho New York apartment is completely functional and exceptionally well designed. It actually holds 8 rooms, and with the help of a sliding wall it seems to accommodate just about any need. Note: Although the above video title says 350, they do say 420 sqq ft in the intro.

7 Coffee Tables You’ll Want

A rug may pull the room together, but the coffee table is the hub of your world. OK, not really. But even if I didn’t make that up, one can’t deny that a good coffee table can define your space.

The Living Cube Ultimate Man’s Closet By Ill Designs

Till Koenneker of Ill Designs is an innovator of space and design. Case in point, this Living Cube ultimate man’s closet, which is a whole lot of closet, a little bit of media center, and when the inlaws drop by, you’ve got yourself a built-in bunk bed too. Although, this day bed should really have […]