Stikwood Wall Mural Is the Urban Man’s Log Cabin Substitute

stickwood 3

The urban barbarian has been gifted with a cave built from smooth velvet, otherwise known as cement, wallpaper and textured drywall. However, you can’t just forsake hundreds of generations of log cabin building, and expect to forget about the exhilarating sensation of living within a fortress built from real trees hand carved by muscle, steel, and sweat.


The city is no place to build your own castle out of wood, considering all the rules, permits, and fees involved with such a task. The easiest substitute is to mask your boring walls with thin slices of real wood murals designed to bring you back to a time when a wall really was a living work of art. Stikwood is easy to install on any any wall, as it is only 1/8-inch thick and comes with an adhesive backing.

stickwood 2

Your options range from the dark bold feel of Black Cherry to the rustic and earthy tone of Reclaimed Weathered Wood. Learning how to swing an ax is purely optional on this installation.

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