Ultimate Million Dollar Garages

A glass hot tub would look pretty basic without a marble bathroom floor to place it in. A 370-inch Titan Zeus 4K TV would only be half as luxurious without a 2,000 square foot theater room and over 10,000-watts of amplified surround sound to rock it. The same goes for a Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari 458, whose […]

The Royal Dutch Airlines Luxury KLM Bachelor Pad

Joining the mile high club has never been easier, as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines converts one of their retired MD-11 airplanes into a luxury 4,000 square foot, 2-bedroom/3 bed bachelor condo/pad. From November 28-30, 2014 you will have the chance to stay on this lavish airplane, complete with a welcome mat, shrubs, gnome, apt/condo number, […]

Awesome Bachelor Pad’s – How Much Wood Should Chuck Chuck?

Our friend chuck is in the process of remodeling his bachelor pad. And to offer inspiration for his endeavors, we decided to craft a post around some of the finest wood pads and man caves around the world. And yes, we do understand that the experts are claiming that the forests are retreating around us […]

Cool Bachelor Pad Game Rooms

Girls may want to have fun, but guys are the masters at making it happen. Here are a few ideas to update your current man cave to something that is… a little less cave-like.    

20 Most Incredible Container Homes Known to Man

The above container home may appear moderate in size, yet if you calculate the area of each of its six containers, it is likely providing around 3,000 square feet of wide open living space. This is because for every two containers that are pushed together, it becomes the equivalent of a 1,000 square foot house. […]

Little Cape Town Bachelor Pad that Could

From the view on the street, this quaint little bachelor pad looks like a modest one-story with the possibility of at least a decent ocean front view. Most buyers might continue past, thinking that there must be something better down the way. You see, Cape Town has a lot of nice homes to choose from, […]

The Ultimate Sky Garage Bachelor Pad

Here’s a little (3,600 sq ft) penthouse apartment that just might suit your needs. It is located on the posh 200 Eleventh Avenue Block in Manhattan, New York, and is one of the only buildings in the world that prides itself as being completely “paparazzi proof”. It features some humble amenities, including wall-to-wall windows, glass […]

Transform Your Bachelor Pad with a Man Candle

When guys used to think of a man candle, the aroma of bacon, sawdust, and beach babe used to be about as tantalizing as it would get. And to tell you the truth, it really wasn’t all that tantalizing. For the serious gentleman who prefers his bachelor pad to maintain the lingering essence of aged […]

Sneak Peek at a $80M Bachelor Penthouse on Billionaire Row

$80 million could buy a man a lot of Bugatti Veyron’s. However, the prestige of living in one of the most luxurious penthouses in the world is not a bad way to spend it either. The bachelor penthouses on 432 Park Avenue will include 8,255 square feet of private living space, featuring double-height ceilings, oak […]

Rupert Murdoch’s Billionaires’ Tower Bachelor Pad

Rupert Murdock made his fortune through his groundbreaking work with various media companies, including News Corp, 21st Century Fox, and The Times, HarperCollins, and The Wall Street Journal. Just this year he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame for his contributions to television media. Murdoch filed for divorce from his third wife last […]