The Gentleman’s Outdoor Deck – Life of the Party

A man’s connection to the outdoors is pivotal to his happiness and well-being. This is just as much true today as it was centuries ago. The biggest difference is that an urban gentleman is limited by the time he has to travel… and so he may find it easiest to bring the outdoors to him […]

Gentleman Bachelor Pads – First Impression is Everything

Researchers talk a lot about the importance of a gentleman’s first impression. How your pants drape over your leather loafers. How your cuff links peak delicately beyond your sleeve and your aftershave offers a bold spicy aroma, without appearing to try too hard. And must we never forget the importance of pulling up in your driveway […]

Designing A Gentleman’s Kitchen

A man’s kitchen is the central activity room to his home. It is the place where you can count on finding pleasure from all your senses, and is also where a woman is most likely to divulge the honest truth, according to studies. With so much at stake from a single room, you better not get […]

6 Ways to Create An Environmentally Friendly Man Cave

Your man cave is where you go to cheer on your favorite team, enjoy a relaxing beer in the evening, and watch awesome action flicks with your buddies. It’s your refuge. Design it so it has as little impact on the environment as possible, and you’ll be able to enjoy your video games and sports […]

Manspiration – A Successful Man’s Life Should Be More Than Half Full

To the successful man, His library is usually more than half read, His dining room is a good portion of the way to the moon, His bathtub bar is never anything less than half stocked. And his closet is only empty… When he is away on a trip making sure his life is so much more […]

Cubicles – Coppin Penthouse with a View

The urban landscape can be very boxy if you allow it to be. The design aspect of height brings the necessity to utilize cubes of space in every apartment or penthouse. But as we have learned in life, if you can’t change something, then you should just accentuate it even more. This Coppin Penthouse, located […]

Cubicles – The Seamless Modern Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad should be an extension to yourself. Something that flows seamlessly from pool to indoors, room to room and floor to ceiling. This design by Shelly and Avi Osadon of See Construction demonstrates how the cubicle shape can be utilized in every step of a design process. Notice how the large blocks of […]

Dream Garages – Fit For a Supercar

There are three things that every man needs to know about garaging his supercar. One, it needs to have a top of the line climate control system to ensure that it is only under stress… when you want it to be. Two, you need to have a state of the art security system, as there […]

Happiness is – A $36 Million Bachelor Pad

A few goody-two-shoes have been spreading around rumors that you don’t need a million dollars to buy happiness. Well… we totally agree. You’re going to need $36 million dollars to buy everything you see here. And yes, you would be a little happier to own all this stuff. Admit it. H/T Classy Bro

Awesome Bachelorette Pad

Riddle me this: What kind of celebrity singer/actress would hold herself up in a $22 million, 6,200 square-foot N.Y.C. bachelorette pad with oak floors and bright white walls? Hint: She is definitely going to appreciate the built-in ‘smart’ control that will allow her to dim lights and turn down the heat whenever her twins get […]