Awesome Bachelor Pads

We have traveled the world looking for the world’s most bad ass bachelor pads, and have covered everything from West Vancouver (BC) to Los Angeles, California. When it comes to living large, these are the players who appear to be somewhere at the top of their game. Yeah, this dude has a freaking tree growing through […]

Three Plants for the Urban Male

By a raise of green thumbs, how many of you guys own a plant? That’s what we thought. In today’s technologically advanced society, most guys don’t think they have any need for a plant. They’re dirty, needy, hard to please, and… well, a lot like your ex. If you wanted a plant, you would either […]

Bad Ass Bachelor Pad in West Vancouver, British Columbia

We thought what most guys did in Canada was drink beer, watch hockey, and dream of drinking beer and watching hockey, while freezing his baguettes off in some bear cave in the forest. As it turns out, we were right… all except for this one guy in West Vancouver, who owns a $4.3 million bachelor […]

Bad Ass Bachelor Pad in Los Angeles, California

We have our doubts about the legitimacy of this $13 million bachelor pad. I mean, where’s the underwear? The bed is made, and there are freaking apples in a bowl on the kitchen counter? Never-the-less, these are awesome digs, and worthy of a hat tip. Too expensive for you? Check out this $4.3 million bachelor […]

What Makes a Badass Bachelor Pad?

Some guys dream of a bachelor pad with a beer stocked fridge, a dog who will scratch their nards, fetch the toilet paper in an emergency, and blackout windows for those Sundays afternoons when the world just seems to be up too early. Yes, Those are what we’d call ‘livable’ accommodations for a single bachelor. […]