Apple iWatch Heads Towards a Wrist Near You

This fall, Apple is rumored to be releasing their iWatch. The basic outline of this smartwatch could look somewhat like a bracelet. However, to give it style, Apple is supposedly going to raise the screen slightly away from the rest of its body. And speaking of its screen, not only is it going to be […]

Mophie Backup Battery Power for iPhone

There are times when a man’s phone dies, simply because he no longer wishes to speak to the person on the other end of it. However, for all other occasions, he now has Mophie to ensure that he always has plenty of juice for his Apple devices. This Mophie Power Reserve features a unique quick […]

Cargo Works Tactical Mac/Ipad Sleeve

In the urban jungle–man must face many enemies, including rain, dust, and his own occasional clumsiness. If you routinely bring either your Macbook (11 or 13″) or iPad with you on your daily missions into the city, make sure you are prepared with one of these tactical Mac/iPad Sleeves by Cargo Works. Not only are […]

Grovemade – Because Manly iPhones Prefer 100% Wood

Last month I made some new friends over at Grovemade, when they sent over for review what has become my new favorite iPhone dock. The wood finish on this has a very classic, custom, and well crafted look (100% made in Portland Oregon), and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone in the market for […]

Apple CarPlay Brings iOS To Your Four Wheels

Apple says to hell with the crappy iOS that came with your current ride. It is slow, confusing, hard to navigate, and fundamentally no fun. They have a better solution: Available on select new cars in 2014, CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. CarPlay takes the things you […]

Apple iWatch Will Be Next Pet Rock

What does the Apple iWatch and the ancient Pet Rock have in common? Well, they were both multi-million dollar ideas. In fact, according to analysts, Apple is likely looking at a $17.5 Billion dollar business over the first year of its introduction. These may seem like bold claims for a watch that has yet to […]

Apple Unveils the iPad Air

Air is an untold hero. It is essential to all life and gadgets, yet we rarely sit down to give it the credit it truly deserves. Well, today we praise Air in the form of the newest iPad. The iPad Air features the A7 Chip, which delivers up to two times the performance in a […]

Pop Desk for the Apple iPhone

There is a point when technology goes so far, it actually becomes inconvenient. Take those flat rectangles smartphones we are constantly placing against our face to make a call. The old phones were easier to hold, hear, and speak in a clear voice. Introducing the Pop Desk Phone by Native Union, which can turn your […]

I Fought Superman on a Bet…

Alarm Clock App for Your iPhone

So, you’ve already ditched your remote control, MP3/DVD player, book shelves, and digital camera. How else could you possibly simplify your life using your iOS phone? Well, the “Wake Alarm” is a new alarm app that doesn’t suck. It features a “spin” dial to set the time, a “swipe” to check the alarm, a “slap” […]