What to Know About Apple’s iOS 7

It’s out with the old, and in with the new at Apple. Not only have they unveiled a teaser of their new Mac Pro, but also their new iOS 7. Its new Control Center will now offer a flat, colorful design, and easy access to your music and flashlight. It will also offer improvements in […]

Apple Unveils the New Mac Pro

Looking more like a nuclear reactor than a desktop, the new Apple Mac Pro teased onlookers at the Worldwide Developers Conference. “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,” said Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing. With its sleek 9.9-inch cylinder case removed, we can see that it has a triangular shaped inner chassis housing […]

Inteliscope Rifle Adapter for Your iPhone

Here’s a handy device for firearm enthusiasts that we never saw coming. It is an iPhone (iPad) adapter for your rifle, that turns your Apple device into one hell of a digital optical scope. It offers a landscape portrait of whatever you’re shooting, including the capability to record, zoom, and keep track of the prevailing […]

Apple HengeDocks Docking Station

Remember those lame docking stations? Well, this one’s cool! Up to last year, one of the best designs out there for the budget minded Mac user was a simple vertical stand. The only problem was, these damn things required you to plug all your peripherals in one… by… one. And that takes time, effort, and […]

Blackberry 10 Revealed Today

We’ve been waiting in anticipation for the launch of the Blackberry 10 OS, and now that it is finally here, we’ve got some deciding to do. We like the fact that you can switch back and fourth between a personal and work profile. This would help keep your most relevant info at the tips of […]

The Screen Wars Heat Up with the Google Nexus 10

The 9.7-inch Apple iPad tablet has been outdone by the new Samsung-built Google Nexus 10. These boys have pulled out their measuring sticks, laid their manhood on the table, and Google has triumphantly exclaimed, “Mine is 0.355 inches bigger than yours!” Yes, the Google tablet comes with 2560 X 1600 resolution, and a screen that is exactly 10.055-inches in diagonal. Buy […]

Ipad Mini is Small in Stature But Big in the Britches

We are one business week away from the official arrival of Apple’s iPad Mini (Friday, November 2, 2012), which is the much smaller sibling of their blockbuster hit, the Tablet. At just $330 to $660, you might be thinking that its performance will probably be as minuscule as its 0.68 pounds, and 7.2mm thickness. Not […]

The New iPhone 5: Thinner, More Powerful, and in Stores Next Week

Today, the iPhone 5 was finally unveiled through Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and while it has some stellar features, the Samsung Galaxy should still hold its ground as its closest competition. The biggest news for the upgrade is that it will be taller (4-inch diagonal screen) and thinner (0.3 inches), which means it can now […]