The Java Wand Makes Morning Coffee Easy

Some of the simplest inventions in the world are probably some of your most favorite. In fact, I bet some of the most precious things that you enjoy every single day probably have no glimmer, no glamour, little praise, but you would miss them dearly should you ever wake up and find them gone. I’m […]

The Bruce Lee of Bartending – Served With Flair

Have you ever made the mistake of not considering bar-tending as a worthy career achievement? This video will set the record straight–Bruce Lee style:

Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer Slushie Machine For Summertime

If you have ever thought of making a slushie out of beer, I can tell you that it works terribly—especially on a hot day. The ice just melts and dulls the beer, and the watered down malted grain just brings out a pouty face. However, if you do it right—magic happens. The key is to […]

Pizza Compass App is Worthy of Your Hunger

The last we counted, Apple had over 1 million apps for your smartphone, including ones that simulate a compass, and others that are designed to help you find food. However, little good any of these will do when you’re in serious need for a slice of cheesy baked goodness. Introducing the Pizza Compass app, whose […]

Das Horn Drinking Vessel is Awesome

We at Urbasm try to use the word, awesome, sparingly. There are only a few occasions in retail when something truly deserves such recognition. The Das Horn Drinking Vessel happens to be one of these occasions. The Das Horn is made of BPA-free plastic, with a real stainless steel rim. It is a full 12 […]

Breakfast Recipes: The Morning After

If you plan to have her spend the night and would like to make a lasting impression, you’re going to want to make her breakfast the next morning. Don’t worry–it’s easy. Here’s what you need to do: Bourban French Toast Here is a nice twist to an old favorite, and she is going to love […]

Keg Backpack by Timbuk2 and Anchor Brewing – Why Stay Thirsty?

It may be April Fools. However, getting a keg of beer from point A to point B is no joking matter. After all, what good is a keg of Anchor Steam, when you’ve no way to get it where you planned on drinking it? Timbuk2 and Anchor Brewing have teamed up and come up with […]

COTM – Brain Freeze

There are a lot of cleverly packaged products out there that sadly mask nothing but a poor execution to a so-so idea. Thankfully for today’s COTM, Crystal Head Vodka is not one of them. Brain Freeze is one of the signature cocktails of this simple, creamy, elegantly spicy, and quadruple distilled vodka, and it’s so […]

COTM – Whisky Sour

The Whisky Sour is as much a drink as you could regard it as a concept. Sour mixed with alcohol, and garnish. There’s no shortage on how to do it, and many recipes advise simple syrup, but we’ll tell you the secret to making the perfect whisky sour every time. 2 oz of whisky 1 […]

COTM – Casa Noble’s Diablo

The smooth full bodied flavor of Casa Noble Reposado Tequila is great in a Margarita, or with just a lick of salt and wedge of lime. The secret lies in its quality, which has been aged to perfection. Tequila, in general, is one of the most closely monitored and regulated spirits in the world. However, […]