12 Days of X-Mas – A Beer

On the first Day of Christmas Urbasm gave to you… a beer. But not just any beer. This is the Old Stock Cellar Reserve Beer 2011, which is equivalent to squeezing the mojo from a Jaguar E-Type Series 1, straining it between the breasts of Hope Dworaczyk, and letting it ferment in the holy grail […]

12 Days of X-Mas – 4 Wines for the Holidays

At some point around the fourth day of Christmas, you are going to need some wine. If not to toast to the holiday, you may need it to take the edge off from hanging out with the in-laws too much. These are our four best holiday wine recommendations, and they are all under $20 (because […]

COTM: Jersey Lightning, Updated and Upgraded

If someone were to hand you a cocktail glass at a holiday party and tell you, “It’s Jersey Lightning”, would you react with skepticism? Understandably so. While it sounds like something Snooki would “accidentally” put in her son’s bottle, its apple and ginger notes makes for a delectable drink during the colder months. Guy friends will appreciate the class […]

Snake Venom is the World’s Strongest Beer

While this stuff should just have a skull and cross-bones on the label, we do like the name, Snake Venom. We’ll skip past all the brewmeister jargon about how it is brewed with special peat smoked, chocolate malt, and champagne yeast… and get right down to its alcohol content, which is 67.5 percent. Get it […]

Not Your Dad’s Flask

Dad had a nippy bottle. A small steel flash that he would produce once in a while, just to “take the edge off” he’d say. It wasn’t until later in life did this make any sense. While we might cite its for medicinal purposes, there are times when this will help to survive the day. […]

Retro Bar Fit For A Rockstar

When determining how you might dedicate your next booze shrine, class goes a long way. The Rockstar Whiskey Bar is a great piece of furniture built on these principles, and hand made to order in the UK from your choice of either American Black Walnut or Blackened Ash. The quilted back panel offers the choice of black […]

Where Can You Find a Good Pumpkin Ale?

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve been ‘jonesing’ for a cold pumpkin ale, and you know what, there just aren’t that many of them out there. And the worst part is, if you do find one, you’ve got about a 20 percent chance of it tasting half of a decent. To keep you […]

Bacon Lovers Love The Better Bacon Book App

We love Bacon, there’s no doubt about that. This is why we went nuts (I mean, bacon bits) when we learned there was an app out just for us guys (and girls) called the Better Bacon Book. It has been designed especially for use with your iPad device, and offers great photos, HD videos, tips […]

Jagermeister Shotmeister

We’ve been on the market for a machine that could serve ice-cold Jager whenever we wanted, and the Gods have finally blessed us with the Shotmeister ($199). What you are looking at is a state-of-the-art bartender that can serve up a shot of Jager at belo-zero temperatures, thanks to some serious spontaneous cooling technology that […]

Hungry But Hate to Cook? Get a Slow Cooker

You probably remember one of these sitting on your Mom’s kitchen counter whenever you had a big game and she wasn’t going to have time to cook a regular dinner. Welcome to your manhood, and the realization that you have better things to do than make your own food, or wait around for a woman […]