Woman of Your Dreams: How to Approach, Seduce, and Impress

We’re going to cut to the chase. Today we’d like to provide you with the real story on seducing women. Some of the following tips you may have seen before, but most are probably new. We know that there is a lot of great advice on meeting and seducing women, but you’re not looking for the typical regurgitated paint splash, you want a Rembrandt. The kind of fine brush strokes used by men such as Neil Strauss, Richard La Ruina, and Zan Perrion.

But these guys ask for the big bucks to be allowed into their circle, and today we’re going to dish out the best goods for free – you’re welcome. This isn’t a 200-page relationship book filled with diagrams, soulmate projections, love quotes, and heart-shaped chapter numbers. We know that you don’t have the time to read through that stuff.

We’re going to break down everything you need to get the girl of your dreams, and we’re going to do it in easy-to-follow bullet points. And then… we’ll leave the rest to you.

Let’s get to it:

Where to Get/Seduce a Woman: The Basics

Limit by Location

Where can a guy hook up the most, based on his location? Well, most surveys suggest that Miami not only enjoys the most sex but also lasts the longest per session. The typical Miamian has sex 102 times per year, which compared to the Kansas City lover who would be lucky to get half that in two years. Long story short – you may want to consider moving if your location appears to be limiting your opportunities.

Work a Room Based on Your Strengths

Some guys prefer to work in a large room, while others prefer a smaller area. But this should have nothing to do with preference, and everything to do with what your core strengths are. Core strengths are having a strong build, great sense of humor, light blue eyes, tall stature, ability to listen and understand women, etc.

In 2010, two researchers spent time watching how speed dates play out based on the number of choices being offered. What they discovered is that women tend to scrutinize over personality-based characteristics of a partner when they are faced with a limited number of choices. However, the moment the choices rise above 25, women engage in short-cut methods, involving sorting based on height, build, and hair color.

“A man who has not achieved [an] expert level of the game,” advises dating expert Kezia Noble. “Will still need to utilize or enhance his appearance in order to give him that slight advantage.” The bottom line: work a small room if your personality shines best, but if you rely mostly on physical appearance then work a larger one.

Bad Habits = 200 Percent Boost in Sex

While you’d think they would run out of breath, smokers get at least 10 percent more sex than your average non-smoker. “What’s that,” you say? Yeah, and those who drink alcohol and smoke at the same time, receive a 200 percent boost in sexual activity over their lifetime.

But it isn’t the substances that are the cause as much as they are an indicator of a person who lacks inhibition, enjoys risk-taking, and is the owner of an addictive personality. I guess you could say that if you have yet to learn how to read a woman, there are always a few quick and dirty tricks to guide you along the way.

Spirituality Makes Women Randy

So we already know that smoking and alcohol make women randier, but the real kicker is that ‘spiritual’ women possess more sexual interest than alcohol and smoking combined. But don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a religion we’re talking about. Catholics and Protestants report at least 20 percent less sex than other religions, due to the shame and guilt associated with the act.

Spirituality is about feeling one with the world and other human beings. This effect is seen in women more than men, and researchers speculate this is because women have a natural inclination to feel close to others. But to make this dating tip as short, clear, and sweet as possible, think of Yoga as an aphrodisiac and always consider that these types of classes are a great place to meet women.

The Art/Sex Connection

Artistic types (Associate of Arts) have a more ‘bustling’ love life than the typical associate or advanced degree. But before you go thinking that all brainy types go unfulfilled in bed, you should know that non-high school graduates are also in the same league as the ivy graduates when it comes to living a life with a lack of sex.

What we are saying is that if you like sex, you should hang out at artsy events where artsy women will likely be in attendance (poet, music, painting, etc.). Because as it turns out, the progressive and impulsive nature of an artist is what urges these women to hook up 233 percent more on average than the typical non-artist/poet.

The (Underrated and Often Unappreciated) Feminist

The word “feminist” is usually an anti-aphrodisiac to most men. But consider the reality that a feminist woman is generally more stable, happy, and healthy in her life’s decisions. This means that feminists don’t play games, they don’t do drama, and when it comes to hooking up, they don’t use it as a weapon to control you. And men report having better sex when partnered with a feminist, and the feminists report the same.

Not many men would consider a feminist rally a good place to find quality women, but quite frankly, this puts the odds mostly in your favor.

You Can’t Fake Good Intentions

The best tactic to getting a quality girl is to have her best interests at heart and demonstrate true admiration and affection. “A very good question to ask [a woman] is how can I make your day better?” describes Guess model, Julia Lescova. “Show interest in her life—and most women will be happy.” But if you don’t have good intentions, and just want to hook up for the night. Well, then be honest about it.

How to Approach and Lock-in the Date

Proposition While Comfortable

Women are repelled by stress, just as much as they are driven towards confidence. A successful first impression is almost always based on how a man makes a woman feel. Think about that for a moment. How many times have you approached a woman for the first time, and based on your own nervousness, made her a little nervous and stressed?

“What we universally fail to realize is that everyone – men and women – are all just as nervous and insecure as we [men] are,” explains seduction expert Zan Perrion. “Everyone is in their heads, trying hard not to screw it up.” And women can sense a guy who is anxious, so if you are nervous, go ahead and admit it. And not just to yourself, but let her know too.

Women are comforted by men who seem familiar to them. This means that if you do not have any prior history to work from, you must create a connection based on trust, which means admitting why you may seem apprehensive during your approach.

Look for Signs of Interest

Part of being a good catch for a woman is not acting like a famous PUA, but just being yourself. As Playboy model, Krystle Lina, told us, “Don’t bullsh*t me, or any woman for that matter; we will find out who you really are eventually.”

A woman will make it obvious when she is not jiving with your initial approach. Occasionally, this can be an outside force that you cannot control (bad day, etc.). The idea is to base your next move on her reaction (a sign of interest or disinterest) because there is always a chance to turn a bad first impression into a better second one. We will get into that a bit later. But we will leave you with three of the most positive signals to watch for: her leaning in your direction, teasing with her hair/neck, and mimicking your physical actions.

Assume She’s Interested

Confidence is at the core of every man who is considered worthy of a woman. If you ever find yourself in an unfamiliar situation and would like to get the attention of a woman. You should first, assume she is interested, and allow that assumption to unfold into a truth.

Any Woman (married happily or unhappily, single, or widowed) is complemented by a confident man when he expresses curiosity in her. And it is nothing more than gentlemanly conduct to complement any woman who captures your fancy.

Impress, But Don’t Over Impress

A lot of guys go all out on a first date. They go to the best restaurants, lay their Armani coat in a puddle for her to walk on, and open every door they come across. Then, by the time the third date rolls around, they are texting on their phone and hinting about going dutch. As the sexy and opinionated, Joanna Krupa, explained to us, “I hate when men try to show off how much money they have on a first date.”

A polished impression is always preferred. However, if you build up a tall order of expectation, a woman may doubt your sincerity later on. Never overextend the first impression into territory you will never live up to. There is nothing wrong with being yourself, so long as you believe you are worthy of the woman you are trying to catch. Now read that last sentence one more time because it is an important one.

Be Honest About Your Intentions

“Know what you want, be clear with your intentions, and avoid playing it safe.” recommends dating coach and Wing Girl, Marni Kinrys. “Because [if you do this] you are not putting what you want out there.”

Any man looking to hook up with little to no commitment will find the most success while dating college-age students and letting her know his intentions right off the bat. But won’t that mess things up with the women who are not looking for these kinds of benefits? Yes, but it will increase your odds with the exact type of woman you’re looking for.

Probably not too surprising, but let’s keep in mind that statistics suggest no less than two-thirds of college-age women have participated in friends with benefits arrangements at least once. And they do it because it is pleasurable to them. So always explain your intentions from the very beginning and you will benefit from that honesty.

Mirror for Good Conversation

One indicator of a good conversation to women is when their speech and language patterns match their partner. What we’re saying here is that if you meet a woman who uses the f-word in every other sentence, she will feel a connection to you if you communicate in the same style. Really what you are doing is giving her the oldest compliment in the book, which is mimicking her style, and that works brilliantly to build a connection in a situation where you have none.

You can also boost your chances by casually mirroring her in other ways (just be careful not to take it so far it becomes creepy). If she sips her drink, then you sip yours. If she makes a reference to an 80’s pop band, then you find a way to slip one in the conversation a bit later on. If she crosses her legs and adjusts her breasts, you… Well, there may be limitations, but the research behind creating a connection using mirroring is solid.

The Allure of the Unknown

Did you ever give a girl a note in grade school, telling her how much you liked her? How well did that work out for you? Probably not good. Women prefer a challenge. At least the quality ones most certainly do. All a woman ever needs beyond a good opening compliment is to know that you are interested, and nothing more. She will give you more to work with, in the form of reaction and conversation.

You have to believe that every approach you make with a woman is like a competition, and you are the prize (so appear worthy of that title).

How to Seduce on a Date

Lead, Don’t Follow

The difference between a good and bad first date for women is that you maintain, or perhaps I should rather say, control, a good part of the conversation. Men often leave the conversation up to the woman – following her lead. You probably figure that you are better off by doing it this way so you can talk about the things that she wants to. But you thought wrong.

Women are testing you to see if you can keep up with her. In fact, when a man allows a woman to lead the conversation, she considers that to be a sign that you are really not that interested. Don’t be a follower when it comes to a first date.

Successful Seduction = Being Difficult to Conquer

Why do the bad boys get all the women? Because they possess an edge over the nice ones by offering a challenge to women. A bit of mystery and danger is attractive, so long as it has some sort of safety net (public place, a connection of trust, etc.). Women also like being engaged in a playful disagreement, or a bid to prove a silly boast of yours to be untrue. The perfect approach does not always have to be about finding things you two have in common, but rather creating a challenge for her to conquer.

Man With a Plan

The ‘man with a plan’ is an overused phrase, but women do like a man when he takes control (for the right reasons). Don’t let this statement give you the wrong idea, because women do not like a man who tells them what to do. They like a man with a plan, and they like a man who has some prior knowledge of her interests to back up making such a bold move.

An indecisive man who is constantly asking a woman what she wants to do eventually begins to sound like a dentist’s drill. This is why it is best to ask a woman what she likes once, and then use this information to surprise her with an original idea. Don’t worry, if she really doesn’t like something, she’ll let you know.

Jazz For Seduction

What kind of club (or concert venue) would you imagine delivers the most sexual vibes to women? You might think that the sex-inundated lyrics of rap might loosen their quills in the modern age, but it is jazz that gets a good portion of women in the mood. And when we say in the mood, we’re talking about rousing up 30 percent more hookups than any other musical flavor.

Reading/Understanding Body Language

Mastering your own body language, as we have pointed out above, is a crucial step to landing the woman of your dreams. Just keep in mind that motion placed toward an object of mystery is always more effective when it is initiated as a direct reaction to the feedback you are receiving. Allow us to explain: It is true that women like a man with a plan, as we’ve already explained above, but they prefer a man whose plan is along the lines of what they had in mind.

What this means is that you must read her body language correctly in order to play the game to her standards. A woman prefers a man who can keep up with her many moods and emotions and it all begins with the following cheat sheet on understanding women.

When to Take a Hint

As you can imagine, much of the process of reacting to body language is a juggle of falling in and out of her favor. So long as you can recover your losses with a win by following the tips above, you will be able to maintain your course to her heart. But there is another side of this that we must touch base on, and that is the possibility that she just may “not be that into you”. Is there really such a thing in the game? Yes, and it can be caused by a mix of your genes, hormones, confidence, and your overall appearance and personality.

No man ever wants to be known as one who “can’t take a hint,” and this is why you need to maintain your confidence and focus on your intention, but also be aware of the five signs that she is losing interest. This can happen after your initial approach or it may have been that way from the very beginning (i.e. she is just not gaining interest, period). There are action-based techniques to improve your physical attraction to any woman, but there is a point where any man needs to throw in the towel and move on.

We have made it abundantly clear that a man with confidence and intention should not give up easily, but it is always better to retreat within reason than risk making a scene that will brand you to every other woman within eye range.

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