9 Tips to Become Instantly Attractive to Women

There is rarely a shortcut to anything in life that holds true value. However, there are seven things you could start doing tomorrow that would attract more women to you. And not only attract more of them but also increase your attraction from the women you already have.

Prioritize Your Focus

You can build yourself up to become more attractive by building six-pack abs, creating a multi-million dollar industry, or getting a manhood implant that is so big you can see it through a pair of trousers. Or… you could learn to prioritize your focus away from yourself, and on that special woman in your life.

Women are attracted to a man who makes them feel great, and the shortest distance to this goal is through listening, understanding, complementing, appreciating, and treating her like the beautiful woman that she is. Yes, this is that simple, yet very few men do this.

Practice Good Humor

We interview a lot of beautiful women every year (it is just one of the perks of the job), and we have seen a pattern between the descriptions we receive of what the ideal man should be. Without question, having the ability to make a woman laugh is one of the best traits any man could have. The problem is, most guys develop a sense of humor based on competition between friends, which involves a lot of sarcasm, criticism, and belittling.

Men get pretty good at sarcastic humor, but it is not the kind that is going to impress a woman. Women like a joke that is not at the expense of themselves or anyone else for that matter. If you can deliver a good clean joke – then you have at least one worthy pickup line in your arsenal.

Choose Pickup Location Based on Core Strengths

Some guys prefer to work in a large room, while others prefer a much smaller area. But this should have nothing to do with preference, and everything to do with what your core strengths are. Core strengths are having a strong build, great sense of humor, light blue eyes, tall stature, ability to listen and understand women, etc.

In 2010, two researchers spent time watching how speed dates play out based on the number of choices being offered. What they discovered is that women tend to scrutinize over personality-based characteristics of a partner when they are faced with a limited number of choices. However, the moment the choices rise above 25, women engage in short-cut methods, involving sorting based on height, build, and hair color. The lesson here is to work a small room if your personality is what shines and to work a larger one if you rely mostly on your stellar physical appearance.

Wing Man for Every Occassion

Did you know that you can bring a wingman to a church function just as effectively as a bar scene? This is because wingmen do wonders for your approach by giving you confidence, support, and creating an atmosphere where women can see you when you are at your best. Just remember to bring a wingman who tends to bring out your best, because not all friends have this ability.

Assess Where You Need the Most Work

When a company wants you to purchase its product, there is a mass campaign launched to entice people to give it a try. This is your pickup line. But once you’ve got her attention, you’ve got to perform to her expectations, otherwise, your invitation will be short-lived. To get this work out of the way before you’re in the field, you want to assess your value as a partner.

What do you have to offer a woman? Are there ways to increase your physical attractiveness? Are there ways to improve the perception of your personality? The typical guy doesn’t want to put this kind of work into attracting a woman – but we’re also assuming here that you don’t want to get the results of the ‘typical guy’.

Opposites Attract (Only Short-Term)

Men wish they knew exactly what women wanted so that they could be more successful at attracting them. And while there are too many women to give you a specific rule to follow, we can offer a very general one that can be extremely effective.

When women are looking for a short-term fling, they tend to be most attracted to men who exemplify the exact opposite of themselves. When women are looking for a long-term commitment, they seek a man who is very similar in traits, characteristics, values, and even physical appearance to a small extent.

Be a Leader (in Conversation)

The difference between a good and bad first date for women is that you maintain (and also lead) the conversation. Men often leave the conversation up to the women. This includes the topics, speed, and length of time you spend juggling thoughts. Most men figure women are better at it, and by doing it this way you can talk about what she wants. But you thought wrong.

Women are testing you to see if you can keep up with her. In fact, when a man allows a woman to lead the conversation throughout a first date, she considers that to be a sign that you are really not that interested. And that is the moment that you are tossed into the friend zone – which speaking of that…

Physical Contact or Friend Zone

We are about to solve the entire dilemma of whether to kiss a woman at the end of a first date right here and now. According to a unanimous opinion, Women still prefer a hug and/or a kiss at the end of the evening so long as there was at least a tiny spark of hope. If you do anything else (i.e. handshake or wave goodbye) she will assume this is a sign you’re not interested and usher you directly into her circle of platonic acquaintances. But don’t worry if you do make this mistake, because there are effective ways to get out of the friend zone.

The Topic of Sex

Women open the topic of sex during a first date to get an idea of how that part of your relationship might play out in your future. Take note: It is usually not an invitation to make a move later on. After your first kiss at the end of the night, she’ll let you know if she wants more.

Attracting women effectively is more of a thinking man’s game than most men think. Women love a good challenge, and they love a man who doesn’t quite play by the rules, especially when his rules make her feel like a beautiful and attractive woman.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.