How to Sell Yourself With a Pickup Line


I’ve spoken with a lot of dating experts over the years and have consequently received some mixed reviews about the lonely, most often misunderstood pickup line. I call it lonely, as it has certainly gotten a bad wrap in most circles. But do you really know what has given it such a bad wrap? Efforts like these:

All this could be yours for one low, low price!”

I’m going outside to make out… care to join me?”

I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight.”

Got me? I’ll do your body good”

Guess what? I can carry a dozen donuts without even using my hands”

A classic study at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, put Scott Baio’s entire arsenal of pickup lines to the test. And what they found is that very few women are wooed by sexual propositions. But you probably already knew that.


What Does Work?

One of the most effective pickup lines you can have in your arsenal is the five letters, “hello.” In addition to that, according to that study, a player does best when opening with a line that offers intelligence, confidence, and sincerity. In other words, women like to learn new things. They like to be complimented, and they want to know that what you are saying is sincere. If the woman detects the slightest amount of hesitation, she’ll think you say that line to all the girls, and your efforts will be ignored.


Intelligent/Complimentary Pickup Lines

Hi, my name is ___________”

Those are some fabulous shoes (smile).”

You know your martini’s. This restaurant makes the best in town.”

Have you been to the art museum next door?”

Did you know that this restaurant used to be a old mine shaft?”

If you notice, half these lines were direct questions, which is okay, so long as you keep in mind that women have a limit to how much they want to share during a first approach. “A lot of guys go up to women and probe them–asking question after question trying to figure out what topic they are going to want to open up about,” says the Wing Girl, Marni Kinrys. “Instead, you should be leading by example and opening up first.”


Place and Timing

approaching women

Confidence is always key, especially when you take a pickup line outside of your normal comfort zone. “You get minimal brownie points from drunkenly chatting up a girl at the bar,” says relationship expert, Adam LoDolce. “[But] If you do it at a grocery store, you would be amazed at how much she will respect your courage.”

In the previously mentioned Edinburgh study, funny pickup lines were also successful, so long as you could deliver the line with the right tempo and timing. “You have to come into it lightly,” says the relationship comedians, Dave and Ethan. “If you come on too serious, they are going to think you are a serial killer.” Comic timing is unfortunately, a gift that some people have and other’s don’t. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones, you will have to work harder to make them work, or just don’t use them at all. But you never know until you try.


Comic Pickup Lines

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

If you were a pirate, and I was a tree, I’d let you shiver me timbers.”

Well, I’m here… now what were your other two wishes.”

Say, didn’t we go to different schools together?”

Heard any good pickup lines lately?”


The Follow Through

After the delivery of the good line, the follow through is the final hurdle. You’ve got her attention, she’s bought your initial offering, and now she’s waiting for what you have to say next. While she waits she might be thinking, Is he for real? A creep? What does he want? Where is the nearest police station? Many things may be going through her mind. To keep their imagination from getting the best of her, it is a good idea to have something intelligent to say immediately after you’ve got her attention.

“A cheesy pickup line can work brilliantly if the guy bursts out laughing at the right time, and uses the moment as a way to test out the girl’s sense of humor,” says the dating expert, Kezia Noble. “After successful interactions, I never really remember what a guy first says to me. I remember how he made me feel and what we talked about.”


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