How to Appear Sexier to Women

The average man has approximately a 33 percent chance of attracting the average women. Those are not ‘bad’ odds until you consider that the average man with a puppy has almost a 60 percent chance. Yeah, that’s a big boost for your sex appeal. And this is only one of the many tricks you can use to attract more women.

Allow us to fully unlock your potential using these seven simple and potent tips:

Puppy Power

Adding a puppy (or adult dog for that matter) will improve any man’s powers of attraction by as much as 24 percent, according to a survey by Petsies. And while we have known this for years, it isn’t the idea that is new but the percentage of effectiveness that we now know to be true. This means that any time you are out at the park walking your dog – you are more attractive to women. Any time that you post a picture of yourself with a dog on social media, or on your dating profile – you are more attractive to women. I know you see where we are going with this, but in addition to the beauty points, a dog will also make you appear more trustworthy, intelligent, and even mark you as a better choice for a long-term relationship. And these are all in your favor whether you are looking long-term or not.

A baby will work the same magic, but with the added diaper duty – so we still nudge you towards a puppy. Research also suggests that a man with a guitar is as much as three times more worthy of a woman’s number than a man without. But if you don’t have a dog, baby, or guitar to use as your wingman (or at least one to borrow) – don’t worry, as there are many other ways to boost your attractiveness.

Cheerleader Effect

The mind is a strange device. Even though we see faces all day long, we are only able to truly decide how attractive one person is compared to the rest of the world – if we can compare their face to a bunch of other faces. Do you have any below average looking friends? Good, because these are just the guys to bring as your wingman as they will make you look sexier almost everywhere you go. And this effect can work on dating profiles and social media – just don’t ever use one of these pictures as your lead photo. Women prefer a picture of ‘just you’ with a smile.

Funny Man

Women love any man who can make them laugh. And since we all weren’t born with the gift of comic timing, it is actually something that is worth working on. Study the best comedians, keep your ear out for a few killer jokes. With enough practice, you too will be able to make women laugh with at least some success. And if you want a really simple tip to improve your odds on dating apps and social media – use the word “laugh” often and enthusiastically. According to the dating website, Zoosk, women are up to 33 percent more open to men who use certain words within their profiles. These words also include “creative,” “ambitious,” and anything hobby-related (and we’ll get to this in more detail in a bit).

Volunteer Work

A man’s basic attraction is not just physical when it comes to women. Women are very mental creatures, which means that the gears are always turning when they first see a man. They look at what is in his hands, what he is wearing, and what he is doing. A man who is into giving back to his community through volunteer work will always come out ahead of any guy who doesn’t simply because women see this guy as the better investment. He appears more caring, better equipped to care, and will be the better pursuit for a long-term relationship. And even when women are not necessarily looking for long-term – their practicality will nudge them towards this kind of guy the majority of the time.

Masculine Edge

The research suggests that women are attracted to more masculine men. And why not, as more testosterone hints at a guys ultimate ability to bring the bacon, take care of the nest, and beat most diseases to live a long prosperous life. Any way you look at it, it is always better to appear more manly than feminine. But your face is your face, right? What can you do about it? Well, you can grow yourself a beard. About 10-days growth is the magic number, according to Australian researchers (and they know what they’re talking about).

Double-Duty Effect: Beard and a Dog

A similar edge can be found with facial scars but something even easier to take advantage of is a fancy set of wheels. However, that cool vehicle will also attract a lot of wallet chasers – so we recommend leading with your face during the pickup, and saving your awesome set of wheels for the first date.

Caveman Hobbies

What does the Survivorman have over most urban men? The ability to make a fire with just a stick and an attitude, the ability to forage food, scale a mountain, and take a calculated risk that will make life more exciting. Women love a strong, confident and daring man, and while she definitely won’t take your word for it – she will believe her eyes. So don’t be afraid to invest in your inner caveman, and get your hands dirty (camping, hiking, etc.) from time to time, because it will definitely work in your favor.

Sit Up Straight, and Welcome the World

No matter who you are or what you look like – your posture has a lot to do with how women perceive you. When you settle yourself into a place with your arms folded and your legs crossed, you are saying to the world – ‘you are not so welcome in my hood’. However, if you settle yourself with your legs and arms open and relaxed, as the gentleman below, you are saying – ‘Ladies, I am confident, ready for fun, and am all the man you will ever need”.

And it doesn’t matter which man you are today, but rather which man you will become tomorrow.


About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.