Dating Apps for the Modern Man


Technology is changing at the speed of light – especially when it comes to how a gentleman can get and ‘secure’ a date for Friday night. It seems like only yesterday that dating websites were one of the best ‘unspoken’ methods. But today, things are much more sophisticated.

This is because today, a man can swipe left or right to search for a hookup.  He can seek out a woman who shares a very particular and sexy fetish without having to rely on intuition alone. Dating has certainly evolved past the collared shirt and quirky pickup line thanks to a handful of quality apps. But your biggest hurdle will be discovering which ones are worth your time.

To help you save time, disappointment, and cold showers – this is our master list of the dating apps (including a few weird dating apps) that we think every man should know.

Mans Standard Dating Apps

  • Tinder – You probably already know this one, but if not, you’re going to want to get well acquainted. Your welcome
  • Hitch – This is a great way to make a couple new friends – some with benefits
  • Down – Formerly known as ‘Bang with Friends’ – and yes, we really do miss the old, honest name
  • Luxy – This is a posh version of Tinder for select individuals with a never ending bank account
  • On The Rebound – They say rebounders make the quickest bed mates, and this is the way to be notified the moment one of your FaceBook friends becomes single.
  • Wingman – We don’t know if this app is ever going to ‘fly,’ but we still love the idea.

And there is always How About We, OKCupid, Match, and Cougar Life.

For Date Ideas and Other Useful Apps

  • Next Move – From our friends at Urban Daddy, comes this must-have app for easy date recommendations
  • AroundMe – Because you never know where the night will take you – this app provides dating suggestions that are closest to wherever you end up
  • BetterHalf – If you’d like a little help coordinating your date nights, this handy little app offers helpful suggestions based on your date’s preferences
  • OpenTable – This is a great way to book dinner reservations
  • Sock-it – If you’re tired of getting interrupted – this app is an alternative to the ol’ sock on the door.
  • Uber – A handy option when finding a cab isn’t easy, or not an option
  • Intelius – There are a lot of crazy women on the lose in the dating chain – so why not do a background check before you invest yourself too much
  • Evolve – Technology has ‘evolved’ to the point where you can now collect the info from your most recent date, run it through an app like this, and get recommendations on your relationship potential. You can find out how you’re doing (compared to other guys), plus get a few tips on the hottest dating spots in your area.

Weird Dating Apps (Because Some Guys Need this too)

  • Crowd Pilot – This is an interesting method to stream your date or pickup lines through audio to friends – so they can text advice, of course
  • Bristlr – Now guys with beards – can no longer complain that you can’t get a date because of your beard
  • Tall Friends – And the same goes for all you tall guys.
  • Bad Date Rescue – There are two kinds of wingmen in this world – those who help get you a date, and those who remove you from a pending nightmare. This app provides a lifeline to help you excuse yourself and run away – with finesse
  • Hater – Because lovers who hate together – stay together?
  • Carrot – As the name implies – This is when all else fails and your only option is to ‘bribe’ women to be your date.
  • Honorable Mention – Unfortunately, ‘Dickorate‘ is no longer available for use, but it was one of the strangest dating apps we have ever encountered. It allowed you to photograph your man-bits and dress it up with things like a mustache, sunglasses and much more.

But let’s face it, the choices are endless for niche dating, including TinDog (it’s like Tinder for dog owners), Beautiful PeopleGluten Free Singles, and Salad Match. These are worthy options for those looking for a date with similar/shared interests.

And if the idea of friends listening to your date (like Crowd Pilot) doesn’t appeal, Virtual Dating Assistants might be a more appropriate answer. That is if you don’t mind shelling out somewhere between $400 to 1,200 a month (depending on how much ‘assistance’ you need).

mans guide to sexting

Modern Man’s Guide to Sexting

You may not think that you need a crash course on sexting – but I can tell you based on past sessions I’ve had, that yes, you probably do. This is our quick and dirty master list of sexting etiquette:

  • no dick pics – We have spoken to a lot of lovely ladies over the years, and have yet to get one single thumb up for these. And no matter how impressive your junk may be, it is never a good idea to lead with one as your headshot for ‘any’ dating app.
  • be prepared – Spontaneous sexting may seem awesome until you find yourself in the heat of the moment with nothing good to say. Save every sexy text you either think up or receive – because these come in very handy when you need them
  • use preferred words – Dale Carnegie once explained that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language. And with this information in mind, use your sexting buddies name as often as you like. Besides that, Bustle recommends 10 dirty verbs that will get any conversation off the beaten path (so to speak). These include spank, screw, bite, slide, cuddle, suck, pound, and of course, bang.
  • use discretion – Never ever try to sext on your work phone – because it just isn’t worth the risk.
  • execute proper grammar – A man who hasn’t mastered his own language, will probably not be a master in his bedroom either – or so that is what many women will assume.
  • own a safety net – If your a guy who has been found guilty of drunk sexting in the past, you might want to download the Drunk Text Saviour or Drunk Dial No! to help keep yourself in check.



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