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2016 Scion iM Review – We’d Buy One for $20,000

We had the opportunity to test drive the all new Scion iM and iA in Malibu last week (iA review coming soon). However, rather than make you sort through the details to get to the big picture, we thought we’d leave you with the short version right off the bat. Would we purchase a Scion […]

Where to Find Miss Right

The best place to find a woman with similar values, is while you are out enjoying your favorite hobbies and interests. You might find this hard to believe, considering that life on this planet has become so over organized, alphabetized, and computerized. When you want to exercise, you go to a gym. If you want […]

2016 Infiniti QX30 – When Execution Overcomes Brute Power

There are only a few worthy reasons to take a vehicle from concept form to production. In Infiniti’s case, it has “less to do with size or power, [and] more to do with distinctive design and outstanding execution.” And Infiniti has made a great point with that comment. The Q30 compact crossover understands today’s generation […]

A Man and His Penis – Can One Size Fit All (Most)

You’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times this year. You know, the one about your penis size. Okay, who are we kidding… you’ve likely asked that question a dozen times this week… and if you’re currently trying to hook up at a bar, that thought has crossed your mind at least that many […]

Behind Enemy Lines

Today has been a fantastic hump day at the Urbasm headquarters. Why, you ask? Because we’ve finally discovered that humps flock together like string bikinis in warm weather. And today happens to be a very warm summer day.  

Natalie Peyton on Success, Dating and Why Women Lie More Than Men

We at Urbasm interview people for their brilliant intellect, amazing work and stunning beauty. But occasionally we are lucky enough to find an example of all three. Introducing the actress, producer, comedian, model and possible contender for the next woman president (see photo below for proof)… Miss Natalie Peyton. Urbasm: Hi Natalie, what’s going on? Natalie […]

Catalyst Waterproof Case – The Ultimate in iPhone Adventure Gear

What is your iPhone most afraid of? Nature. It is fearful of rain storms, hail, snow, caves, deep sea excursions and unruly rapids. In other words, it doesn’t like water all that much. It is also not particularly fond of heights and excessive speeds (especially when it is not safely nestled inside a cockpit). I […]

Foldylock Bike Lock – Go Ahead; Ruin a Thief’s Day

The biggest conundrum with bikes and security systems is devising something that is small and convenient enough to use, but strong enough to make the effort worthwhile. This is a common problem for me, who has experienced the frustration of coming back to a missing bike. There are two things we can assume about a […]

Singer Andie Case on Music, 15M Facebook Views in 2 Weeks and What it Takes to Be Her Man

When a female singer has the raw talent to pull in 15 million Facebook views in less that two weeks… yeah, we take notice along with the rest of the world. And when that woman is also as beautiful and captivating on video as Andie Case is, well we like to celebrate the occasion with […]

East Dane’s Father’s Day Gadget and Other Cool Stuff Gift Guide

Some Dads may be the underwear and tie type of guys… but not your dad. No, he’s the type who is up on the latest gadgets and cool stuff. He is always looking for a new and better way to get things done, relax, or enjoy the spoils of nature in the confines of his […]